Liberals All Silent And Defend Democrat Governor & Lieutenant Governor Of Racism & Sexual Assault

Where are the liberal outrage and boycotts and protests now that The Democrat Governor and Lt.Governor of Virginia are accused of racism and rape?

What ever happen to all women are to be believed that Democrats said in 2018?

Where is the liberal media in calling out these democrats to resign?

Why are Democrats in the Senate defending these 2 men accused of racism and rape?

Virginia Governor DemocratNortham with Black face along with a man with a KKK robe

Virginia DEMOCRAT Lieutenant Governor is accused by 2nd women of rape TODAY!

@redsnapper @FactsMatters @SaremChuuk @errr @visafree @SakaSaka, any thoughts on this? Why are the liberal media silent and why are Democrats defending these 2 monsters? Is ok when democrats do it?


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