Are identify info that we, in Pohnpei, provide to PUC safe from hackers?

With all the news going around about identify theft, etc., I am wondering if PUC's database is 100% secure. It's good that PUC has made available to customers the processing of payment with credit card for power, water, etc.

It sounds like a good idea but I am worried if I put my credit card for the payment-- and some hackers were to illegally access the PUC database--the hackers will get hold of my credit card info; and might be able to charge my credit card to wipe out my account. Can anybody help assure us that this is not going to be a problem?


  • marc, I have been using the online payment since the opened the feature. So far it seem fine. I hope it's fine.
  • I guess I am just paranoid when it comes to credit card use. A couple of years ago, a friend was visiting Hawaii; and lost his backpack with his wallet and credit cards one Friday evening. Unfortunately, he did not notify the banks or the credit card company right away. By Sunday, his credit card was already charged for purchases in the US mainland, another in a European country, and another in Thailand or some where in Asia. By the time, he notified the Banks on Monday morning, these charges were already in his account. I don't know if he was able to recover these unauthorized purchases or not. Of course, the banks, such as Bank of Guam has a much improved policy now: the bank can reverse unauthorized purchases.

    And then, there was that news last year that a big well-known in Las Vegas had its database breached by hackers; which resulted in the hundreds of thousands of customer's credit card and personal information taken by the hackers. As a result, the hotel quickly had to notify all the previous customers about this breach; and advised all to change their passwords or credit card numbers, etc. Scary.

    So if PUC's credit card database is based on a reliable outside company with 100% security guaranteed, then, that is good. If somebody can shed lights on the security protocols for PUC, it will help people like me who are suspicious of hackers. I admire PUC for making this payment using credit card available; it's just that I need some assurance. I am sure there are others who are also worried too.
  • I'm sure when PUC activated this very convenient idea, all cyber security matters were taken into consideration. I'm sure the board would not just approve or endorse something know that there are risks associated with
  • It's a good question because, I just started using it without thinking about hackers. It's good to find out the security features so that we all can be assured that it is secure. Thanks for the question on PUC online cashe power payment security.
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