BREAKING NEWS: Construction of 33 Miles of Border Wall To Begin In Texas In A Few Days


The media & Democrats call it fence(s).....The design of those fences says 12 feet of concrete and 18 feet of steel on top the concrete

From the NWA/North West Arkansas News on Feb/5/2019:
That construction was often described as fencing, and the government funding bill that included construction was supported by some Democrats in the House and Senate. Customs and Border Protection refers to what it plans to build as a "border wall system."

According to designs it released in September, the agency intends to build 25 miles of concrete walls to the height of the existing flood-control levee in Hidalgo County next to the Rio Grande, the river that forms the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas. On top of the concrete walls, it will install 18-foot steel posts and clear a 150-foot enforcement zone in front.

Ladies and Gentlemen this is the Wall prototype that was chosen to be the winning design and will replace the "fencing" at the border with Mexico. 12 feet of concrete with 18 feet of steel on top of concrete equals 30 feet.

Ladies and Gents this is the overall design of the wall and border with 150 feet of clear enforcement zone at the front that has been picked along with the type of wall.

33 miles + 102 miles that have already been build means 135 miles of wall have gone up. 900 more miles to go! little by little Trump is building the wall like he Promised.



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    F--king A man. @redsnapper wall is going up buddy but where is your collusion and obstruction my nigga!

    at the State Of The Freaking Union Trump said "I will get it build" and that old vampire Nancy clapped like the dumb broad she is.

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    MA a freaking GA
  • That orange shit is does not care about the law. He is breaking it by building that stupid wall that won't stop anything. He is a criminal. Building that damn wall over conservatory lands that protect endangered animals and species.
  • Its within the law and part of his job to protect the people and citizens of the US. He is enforcing the laws and Democrats gave him those monies to build that wall. Animals be damned. Humans are life's are more important than those so called endangered animals.
  • The dictator Stalin build the Berlin wall and the dictator Trump is no different.

  • wow learn your damn history IronYouth. The Berlin wall was build by Stalin not Hitler. And the Berlin wall was to keep people from escaping socialist eastern block. The Proposed Wall on the Border with Mexico is to keep drugs, criminals and human traffickers out of the US.
  • How can you call yourself a chrisrian? How can you republicans support a wanna be Orange dictator? He is breaking the law and don't care about humanity.
  • Give me a good example of how he is a dictator? I don't need to lecture from a liberal about being a Christian. I'm not the one who support abortion and a few days ago your so called progressives tried to pass a law in Virginia that would have allowed the killing of babies even when they were born.

    The bill began inspiring outcry among abortion opponents nationwide after its sponsor, Virginia Delegate Kathy Tran, said in a committee hearing on Monday that it would technically allow abortion until the point of birth, if a doctor agreed it was necessary.

    And your leader of the house had no shame when she say we must protect out future. How do you protect the future when you Democrats are for killing babies who are the future? Can't protect the future when the future is being killed by your liberal planned parenthood killing machine.

  • He is a dictator and he admire dictator like Putin. He is breaking the law.
  • How is he a dictator? Has he abolish the constitution? Has he abolish the courts? If he is a dictator like you said why did he allow the midterm elections to proceed? Has he abolish the 2 system party?

    In your mind he is breaking the law but no laws has been broken by Trump. And the wall is not breaking any laws since the supreme court allow it to be build without ordering the wall tp cease construction.

    Please give a amble example and facts that shows Trump breaking law or laws or give evidence that he is a dictator.
  • In other words, where in the constitution state he breaks the laws.
  • The Orange dictator broke the campaign finance law. He fired Comey. He keeps attacking Mueller and the investigation. He ban muslims from coming into US. He incite violence against democrats. He illegally bombed Syria. He illegally gave weapons to Ukraine. He broke the nuclear treaty missile with russia. He provoked a trade war with US Allies and China. He broke numerous epa laws to get his oil buddies to get rich. Need i say more.
  • Let me answer your question one at a time.

    1.A candidate is free to contribute to his or her own campaign. It also is not criminal for a candidate to pay hush money to women whose disclosures might endanger his campaign. So if candidate Trump paid hush money to his two accusers, there would be no violation of any campaign or other laws. As you can see every President has done this.

    2.So he attack the Investigation by using his first amendment right. Didn't Clinton tried to discredit the special counsel who investigated him. If i was being investigated for a conspiracy and a witch hunt I'd too would verbally attack those who are trying to investigate me for make up crimes least of all a conspiracy.

    3.He didn't ban muslims. He banned people coming from 6 known muslim majority countries that are fighting civil war against islamic fundamentalists who want to destroy and arm the US. If it was a Muslim ban why are only 6 muslim countries on the travel ban instead of 100 other Muslim majority countries?

    4. He has never told his supporters to attack democrats. Remember that Democrat who shot those republicans congressmam at the baseball game? Was Obama's Attorney General responsible or CNN or the liberal media responsible or any democrat responsible of this attack since they make anti trump and Republican news 24-7?

    5. He didn't illegally bombed Syria. He was enforcing Obama's and the US Congress red line that said if Syria used chemical weapons on civilians the US will respond. The US Congress and US allies were in agreement and they enforced those obama red line. We are in Syria because Obama got us involved there. Obama failed to enforce his own red line. He had no balls.

    6. He Didn't illegally gave weapons to Syria. He was enforcing enforcing the Ukraine freedom and support act od 2014 which states and mandate that the US support UkRaine in regaining its territory and contain russian aggression in Ukraine. Congress authorize weapons sales to Ukraine in 2014 but Obama Didn't enforced that act which was introduced by his own party. Trump again did what Congress authorized which his predecessor Obama was afraid of doing.

    7. Russia has been violating the InF treaty and expanding and building new missiles. Trump void that treaty since Russia is violating and has been violating it for years.

    8. He is right our allies are taking advantage of US and they place barriers in their economy against the US while the US has no barriers for them entering our markets. For every car we sell them they sell us 5 because they make it hard for our companies to compete in their markers. And The EU And Mexico and Canada have agreed to make it fare. China block their markets from US while we give them free rides to our market. it ain't trade when America is being blocked from their market while America has no block on them entering US market.

    9. He does not brake epa laws he repeal them in order to get the US self energy dependent. So that we don't get beholden to the oil cartels of OPEC. When opec stopped selling US oil during the carter era the US economy came to a halt because we had no oil. They had us by the balls. What trump is doing is making sure our national security don't get endangered because we depend on middle east oil.

  • He sure is a dictator, he dictated the wall over millions of lives, given the fact that he has no remorse over people's lives but only to his own -self, democrats had to do something to save peoples lives from this radical maniac, he demanded 5 billions they gave him 2, just to make this crying baby not crying, but rumors has it, it will be a lot less, will just have to see.. its like giving a baby a candy just to make the baby stop crying..LOL
  • dictated a wall means he is a dictator.

    What about these 3 darlings of the democrats who voted for it back 2006? Are they maniacs and dictators?
  • The secure fence act if 2006 says it all. To protect americans and make immigration reform. Democrats are just mad they that Trump is going one step further and will do a better job then 600 miles of fences democrats voted to build on the border.

    1-Democrat Senator Chuck SChumer voted for a wall/fence in 2006.
    2.Democrat Senator Barak Obama voted for a wall/fence in 2006.
    3.Democrat senator Hillary Clinton voted for a wall/fence in 2006.
    4.Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein voted for a wall/fence in 2006.
    5.Democrat Senator Joe Biden voted for a wall/fence in 2006.
    6.Democrat John Kerry voted for a wall/fence in 2006.
  • 2 billion won't be accepted. If Democrats don't give 5 billion, The other route is National emergency power. Build it from coast to coast. Either democrats give it or the national emergency power will be enacted by then screw that 5 billion, he will build it with or without the democrats agreeing to it or not. You don't mess with a Prssident who has been doing this for years and a President who has a Army lawyers to advice him on what to do.


  • well, according the WH, he will have to just signed anything that comes out of the negotiation because his own part don't agree with him on any other alternative that he could think of.. sorry as ignorant fool.
  • 73% of viewer's agreed with his state of the union address about the wall. 50% job approval now according to Rasmussen poll. I don't think Trump will accept a penny less than $5 billion$. Democrats don't give then He will declare national emergency and instead of $5billion he will get $7 billion through national emergency. lol

    it's a win win situation for Trump. Either democrats give 5 or he use constitutional executive power given to the executive by Congress to get 7 billion and make the Army build it.

    Check mate.
  • another fake news from trump's supporters.. btw, the job approval is at record low at 37% from majority of the news medias, the STOU was a calling for unity now that he is facing a democrats run house of representative, he is calling for unity.. the world is laughing out loud because his policies are dividing country and the world, the wall is a simple and only blind ignorant don't see it that..ahah
  • 73% approval from in state of the union was a NBC news poll. hahaha

    50% approval is from Rasmussen the same pollster that rightly predicted trump winning in 2016.

  • another cheap shot by the pawnstar!.. no further comment on that.
  • cheap shot. hahaha

    the facts hurt i know.
  • no the fake news is a cheap shot!
  • You should tell your mainstream media to stop the fake news then. hahaha

    CBS news which is a democrat leaning news had to report 5 days aga- 73% of viewers approved of Trump state of the union speech.

  • ok, your right the speech might sounds good to the American people, but the job approval for trump is at the record 37%.. now I wonder if you see the big difference here? yes or no?..ahah
  • edited February 12
    Trump job approval from republicans is at 85%. That's all that matters.

    37% disapproval in blue vs approval for TRUMP in red.....MAGA
  • That's the 2016 election dapulation.. ahaha.. its 2019 and the record is set in stone till 20/20 election.. mark it!! ahah
  • Shows that your 37% approval is fake news. Look at those red spots its all over majority of the counties and state's. That how many people agreed with him with the wall.

  • Reaper.. ahaha I meant the 37% job approval for trump is set for 2020 election. and like I said, that map shows only the result of the 2016 election and nothing more. it dose not represent the job approval rate of 2019.. sorry butold news you got there..ahah
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