Donald Trump, Will Get Four More Years Because Democrats Are Incompetent

It's time to admit it. Donald Trump will win again in 2020.

Liberals in power are betting American voters will cast ballots for anyone but Trump in 2020. The growing field of Democratic presidential candidates are all career politicians who base everything they say on polls and making sure they don't offend anyone except Trump voters.

The American people are tired of this. Trump has changed the narrative on what it means to be "presidential." It's no longer about being a stoic leader like Abraham Lincoln or a polished statesman like Barack Obama. All those flowery words about hope and change went out the door with the first black president.

A survey of 20,000 registered voters for both parties released last week by Washington D.C. polling firm Morning Consult shows the Democrats are in trouble. Although 21 percent of Trump voters are considering voting for a candidate from a different political party, the Democrats have failed to seize on Trump's unpopularity.

About 36 percent of Democrats polled said their party makes too many compromises. And another 20 percent who identified less with the Democrats plan to support a presidential candidate from a different party in 2020.

Voters, whether they lean to the right or to the left, are hungry for leaders who keep it real and will take the gloves off in a fight. They want populists will to push radical ideas, which is why Trump keeps fighting for his border wall. His base wants it and it guarantees him at least 35 percent of the vote in two years.

Democratic voters want politicians who are willing to do the same. That's why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went from bartending to legislating on Capitol Hill. Ocasio-Cortez won because she is not afraid to push ideas such as proposing a 70 percent marginal tax rate for anyone making more than $10 million. Polls show a majority of Americans, including conservatives, support this.

Or consider Minnesota Rep. IIhan Omar, the first Somali-American elected to Congress. She's apologized for anti-semitic tweets, but didn't hesitate attack Venezuelan Envoy Elliott Abrams for his role in supporting genocide in Central America during the Reagan era.

The Democratic Party elites dictating the best candidates to run against Trump are in for a rude awakening. Many blacks agree with Trump's allegation he Democratic Party doing nothing for African Americans. But you won't hear that on CNN or MSNBC because the cable news networks hire so-called progressives such as former Bernie Sanders spokeswoman Symone D. Sanders, who don't have a clue what is taking place in the streets of inner city neighborhoods.

Presidents rarely lose when the economy is good. And the Democrats are unlikely to put up a great candidate. So it's time to get real.

The only way the 45th president, who is speaking today at Florida International University, doesn't get reelected if he is removed from office. That's unlikely. Even if Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation concludes Trump was heavily involved in his campaign's coordination with the Russian government to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton, Republicans still control the U.S. Senate.



  • American voters want a President or a candidate who is more like Trump. Someome who says things and carry those things out. Someone who is not a career politician someone who is not afraid to do radical things and not affraid to offend people and someone is not politically correct.

    The Democrats respond? Fill the slot of their presidential candidates with career politicians and people who have been doing this for years but have little to show for it.

    its a hard thing to swallow but Trump will win again in 2020.
  • How can a president with 67% disapproval rating win reelection again?. just can not !, he'll be lucky to get half of his base back if he win the wall. but to win re-election is a laughing matter by majority of the voters.
  • Its the way its headed and from the looks of it he will win again. The only way to get him to back out is through impeachment or if and only if Mueller find anything. But Muellers investigation has yet to show collusion or lonk him to any of the indictments.

    67% is i believe the Democrat voters or afiliates disapproval. His party and his base and conservatives approve of his performance.

    The Gallup Polls on Jan,19 of 2019 latest survey found that 87 percent of Republican respondents approved of Trump's job performance and 8% amongst Democrats and a wopping 36% approval amongst independents.
  • Lets do some simple math. 87 approval amongst republicans plus 8% approval from Democrats and another 37% approval from independents is what? 132% total approval from all 3 categories. His base has never left him. so @visafree your claim that he will get half his base back is factless. The data shows his base by majority has never left him.

    The numbers don't lie.
  • 32% of the voter is nothing to be bragging about. congress on both houses are deeply concern about his radical moves not to mention majority of the American voters.. just watch the news, the country is in protest mode against the wall..
  • you mighty want to check your calculation because I think your just guessing out of the blue. numbers a clear and is not good for this mentally ill president..

  • @visafree Repeating what CNN says is absurd. 87% approval from Republicans and 36% approval from independents=123% approval. Now 8% of Democrats approval.

    30 states voted for Trump if im not mstaken in 2016 along with 3,000 counties. If im not mistaken that majority of states and counties in the US voted because they agree with him on the wall.

    Conservatives are still the majority in America. That is why they are called the silent MAJORITY. The country is not in protests but rather democrats are in protests. 15 democrats states of sued to stop trumps national emergency. 15 out of 50 states. That's means 35 other states support the President it also means 7.5% of 50 States disagree while 42.5% of the state's agree.

    That's not the entire country thats the small part of the country.
  • @Anunaki, libtards don't like facts so i suggests you stop trying to penetrate that bubble they enclosed themselfs in.
  • I think AOC will win. She is young, smart, and pretty. Amazon will support her campaign.
  • Reaper,

    Trump is trying to defused so much shit up his ass and getting worst, Berman issue, SDNY, McCabe, and endless issues that its out of control, why are you still fighting my friend???? T trying to fuse the strands reveals an extraordinary story of a president who has attacked the law enforcement branch of his own government like no other president in history, and who has turned the effort into an obsession. you are obsessed my friend with a loosing cause, LOSER....
  • what you two are showing here is old news that is slowly diminishing from the face of the earth, comes 2020, already, trump is in deep shit to even walk the marathon, I wouldn't be surprise if he resign just to save -face from the embarrassment he so can not live to see ,he is like a run away train heading to a brick wall..
  • Z, AOC is a role model on the capital hill, she is the beacon of hope for all race.. oh yeah!
  • How many candidates for the democrats already? This can only help Trump image
  • @z, didn't amazon abandon its plans for a its second headquarter in NY because of our beautiful and smart socialist from the Bronx?
  • @errr, now McCabe is being tried by a grand jury for leaking information. And the Senate is about to open a investigation on the coup he tried to do on Trump. lol

    Trump is also the top favorite to win in 2020.

  • AOC is most knowledgeable too. She really knows her stuff. Rasta, Amazon is helping AOC's campaign by pulling out of NYC, which is also good for the environment and climate change. AOC's green new deal is where it's at. Have you read it? Just wow. But the democrats are going to chose another loser candidate, like Hillary or that prostitute Kamala Harris, and forgo a much brighter and qualified candidate. That's how they usually operate. The DNC bought out Bernie with a life or death ultimatum last time....or was it a lake house?
  • Its called the Green new deal but its really a Red new deal. Australia and the U.K tried it and stopped it after 2 years because it showed no results and failed to work. Lol

    Green deal failed to work is Australia & U.K
  • AOC's is a different and newer green deal which she herself wrote. She is young, pretty, smart and very knowledgeable. I think Speaker Pelosi, aka Skeletor, is jealous of AOC's youth and popularity. Yeah, the DNC will certainly oust AOC's candidacy for another democrat, like Crooked Hillary or that slutty sleaze Kamala Harris, who slept her way to the top.
  • The one candidate Trump needs to fear is Sen. Cory Booker for he is "Spartacus Reborn!!!" According to Yahoo, he's off the bachelor market for he's got a "boo", now. Dumb and Dumberer Party.
  • Thousands of jobs could have been created in NY by Amazon's move to build a headquarter in NY but thanks to AOC, thousands of jobs and billions of money that could have went to districts and infrastructure in NY all went down the toilet. She is really for the people.
  • Its being reported that mueller is closing up shop and can you smell that? No evidence of collusion and no evidence of obstruction no nothing mahn. Blunts all around because the truth always wills out the fake new.

    MAGA boys MAGA.
  • AOC is not for high paying jobs because she represents those people with low paying jobs or no jobs. Why would she support rich people when she is for the poor people? She really knows her stuff and she is young and pretty too. Many democrats are jealous of her.
  • Didn't she moved into a $3,000 a month apartment yesterday? And the apartment complex she lives in has barred "poor" people from entering the premises due to her request. Some champion of the poor she is. lol
  • No. She lives in an alley.
  • There's a lot of East and South districts in DC, NY and VA on trumps plate right now....ire feeling to be in his shoes, and its not going to end until 2020 , Mueller or collusion is no longer the issue, there's far more on his plate....
  • edited February 23
    "Mueller or collusion is no longer the issue"
    - by @errr

    Welcome to reality sister. The sooner you admit that the evidences and facts show no collusion the faster you will recover from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Its ok. Its a long road to recovery from that horrible disease but with daily dose of facts you will fully recover.

    @z, she chose to live in neighborhood that is exclusively full of Trump millennial staffers whom Trump brought into the Whitehouse. She hates the so called elites but chose to live amongst them. lol
  • Another best people cabinet departure. Whitehouse replacing front doors with rotating doors. MAGA hahahaha hahahahah hahahaha
  • National emergency no ones talking about! Hahahaha hahahaha hahahahah hahahaha
  • lol. The border wall is going up yet you are talking about replacement. lol
  • You go back 75 years, when Republicans don’t want to discuss issues that matter to real people, they call it socialism. Social Security, when it was being debated -- you had Republicans calling it socialism. The minimum wage, in 1938, you had Republicans calling it socialism. Medicare, Ronald Reagan said, and I quote, 'Medicare will lead to socialized medicine. Medicare will lead to socialism in America.' The Affordable Care Act. ... all of those things were 'socialism.' Why do they do that? Because they don't want to talk about pre-existing conditions."
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