Famous Democrat Actor Paid Nigerians To Attack Him & Blame Trump Supporters

Kaboom! Remember that story a few days ago about a gay Democrat who said he was attacked in Chicago by 2 white men who wore MAGA (MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN) hats and who tied a rope on his neck and poured Clorox on him and yelled "This is MAGA Country" ????

It turned out today that he lied and paid the attackers $4,000 dollars to attack him so he can make up the story about being attacked by white men who supported Trump.

Here is another kicker....The two men he paid were from Nigeria and were black as night.

From Liberal CNN today:
Police sources: New evidence suggests Jussie Smollett orchestrated attack
By Ryan Young, Brad Parks and Dakin Andone, CNN
Updated 9:31 AM EST, Mon February 18, 2019

Chicago (CNN) Two law enforcement sources with knowledge of the investigation tell CNN that Chicago Police believe actor Jussie Smollett paid two men to orchestrate an assault on him that he reported late last month.

CNN and many liberal outlers called this another attack by white conservatives who were inspired by Trump. Now these liberal medias are singing a different tune. CNN reported the attackers were white noe CNN refuse to correct the story and refuse to acknowledge that the atackers were two BLACK MEN.

This is another case of liberal faking stories about being attacked by Trump supporters and another case of liberals and media rushing in to condemn whites and Trump supporters without evidences. Now liberals and the media now saying we must wait for the evidences before they condemn Jussie Smollett of faking his own attack.


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    These 2 men below are the 2 white supremacists trump supporters who attacked Jussie Smollett...That is according to the Democrat Mainstream media...lol

    It turn our the actor who faked this attack is a Obama supporter and is openly gay

    Here is the race war faker Jussie Smollett on the far left with the Obamas

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    This is what happened when race crime is supported and encourage.
  • No this is what happens when liberals fake these attacks on themselves. He paid $4,000 dollars to 2 black men to attack him then blame whites for it.
  • The Trumps had to hire an army of exterminators before moving into the White House. Apparently, the Obamas brought to the White House many types of pests, like mice, rats. and roaches like Smollett.
  • the man is doing America a big favor by raising awareness about the booming of the race crime that is encourage by Trump..
  • @visafree, you have lost any marbles you had up in that empty shell between your ears. SMDH.

    @visafree said: "the man is doing America a big favor by raising awareness about the booming of the race crime that is encourage by Trump..

    The man faked a attacked to start a race war. Even his own fellow African Americans denounced him for trying to start a war between black and white. What's more the only race crime is liberals faking them to get attention and start civil unrest and race war.
  • Where would the Democratic Party be today without race wars, e.g. KKK, BLM, Micronesians vs Hawaiians, etc. This is why Identity politics is essential in bringing out the tribalism within every sheep. For their cause, Smollet is a hero, like actor John Wilkes Booth.
  • Can someone please help visafree??? Seems like he or she is lost and in desperate need of directions!!! ROFL
  • A african American civil rights leader is calling for the arrest Jussie Smollett saying he has set black people back years and accused Jussie of trying to start a race war between blacks and whites.https://abc13.com/amp/activist-calls-for-smolletts-arrest-believes-actor-lied-about-attack/5142930/

    It is now believed that this democrat actor faked this attacked because he was being written off a t.v show he's on.
  • He has been charged today with faking a race crime. According to detectives who investigated this, this democrat buttfucking boombaclaat did this because he wanted his salary in the show to be raised.

    Remind me of that Dr.Ford lady.
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    Today the Democrats race war hopeful claimed that he has a drug addiction problem and it's the reason why he pulled of this fake attack. lol
  • @Jun_fan32, you don get it, this man is did this to push awareness about the hate crime that is rising because of support and encouragement by this president, in other words, he did it to the give the government a sense of urgency the the matter,The hate crime rising
  • He committed a Felony by making false report that he was attacked by white folks when he paid two black men from africa to attack him. lol. You want hate crime look at New York, the hate crime against Jews are at a all time high in that Democrat state. Sad but True.
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    That's the point, hate crime is rising not in new York only but all across the united states, because the president is encouraging and supporting it by his hate speeches, for example, the retired cost guard who just got arrested for trying to execute a mast murder targeting the top democrat officials?. and it getting worst everyday, that the reason this man did what hew did, to boost awareness
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    Suspect who shot Republican congressman was Bernie Sanders supporter, strongly anti-Trump

    Democrats have lost their minds. Too much hatred Thats why.
  • " You can't be civil with people you disagree with"
    -Hillary Clinton

    " You don't go high with republicans, you kick them"
    -Eric Holder (Obama official)

    " We will protest and blood will flow in the streets"
    -Loretta Lynch (Obama former DOJ AG)

    " Confront republicans and Trump supporters everywhere you meet them "
    -Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

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    The difference is, Bernie Sander dose not promote hate in his speeches unlike the President? and this is what makes the difference between the two parties, one promote equality for all, and the other one, ( the republican and the president) promote hate and divisive.. youre only a one sided view is what make you @Reaper a too far-right white nationalist Supporter.
  • Fuck Faces Summit 2 in Vietnam. Hahahaha if orange ass clown said there’s no more nuclear threat after Fuck Faces Summit 1, then why another Fat Fuck Faces Summit? Hahahaha
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    Smell that? Nopel Price if he pulls it off....lol
    Democrats rooting for it to fail like they rooted for a war with North Korea. 100% True.

    Reminder @redsnapper, the wall going ☝ MAGA
  • Despite the fake news, people sense a hostility emanating from one side of the aisle.
  • like it said, HATE and discrimination is condoned by the administration so why do you think crimes like that is rising?
  • How is it Trump's fault when a democrat actor incites a race war? MSM must have spin that one for ya. lol
  • The party that started the civil war want to start it again. And its democrats who are encitimg violence and fake race crimes. Race card tactic 101. Democrats style.
  • @ Reaper,you need to update your history lesson because the reality is, the two parties have completed change over of mind sets , where as the democrats are liberty and equality for all regardless of race. and the republicans are for capitalism and white nationalism who are the promoters of race and divisions among races in the country .
  • @visafree, if the party's switched then the easter bunny exists. lol....The only switch that happened is democrats replaced their kkk hoods for welfare. Democrats are the one's calling for boycotting of Israel and support of Palestine. You know Palestine, the country that kills gays and consider women 2nd rate citizens. That's the equality you talking about?
  • @ Reaper,that itself you mentioned about Israel and Palestine is not consistent to the issue of the US of A. so all in all you seems short to explain your misrepresentation of the two parties political stand today! and not many decades ago?
  • @visafree, totally consistent since According to liberals TRUMP is a facist yet its TRUMP who is sypporting the Jewish state while democrats calling for it to dissolve. Democrats claim are for freedom yet support Palestine a state that bans homosexuality and under it homosexuality is punished by death. And in Palestine women have no rights. Why are democrats supporting islamiats and HAMAs?

    Welfare is the new slavery. Find me the Easter bunny and if you do then the parties switched. Lol
  • FYI Reaper, in the history of the USA policies in that region, no one president ever stood support any one over the other of the two countries conflict, USA president are there to ease the tension and not the other way around, and look what happened? after trump make that announcement?. Region is now is greater chaos not like before?. Now back to the USA political parties, Democrats are for liberty and pursue of happiness for all race and welfare is a socialist safety net to deter poverty among the American people.. while the Republicans are all for capitalism where ,the rich get to dictate how the poor live their lives. tow different ideologies. that's your easter bunny, now eat it!!
  • @visafree, for 200 years capitalism has made America the strongest country and richest on earth. Fact! If democrats are for liberal and peace and happiness why are they killing millions of babies each year?

    As for the middle east its your man Obama who made it a mess. Killed gadaffi in libya now Islamic terrorists are in control of that country. Pulled US troops out of iraq and ISIS rose up and took over half if it and syria.

    Here is admission from the liberal Salon news: Lets be Honest Obama made a mess out of the middle East

  • lol @ "update your history." Only a current BLM who is former KKK would suggest such a thing.
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