Kaboom! 14 Miles Of Trump Wall Begins Construction Today In San Diego

Little by little and piece by piece and miles by miles the Wall is going up. 102 miles here 55 miles there 33 over there and now 14 miles over there is going up. 204 miles are going up guys.

Work begins to replace layer of border wall in San Diego
by The Associated Press, Updated: February 19, 2019- 9:21 PM
Work on replacing a first layer of San Diego barrier is nearly complete, also 14 miles long and made of steel bollards up to 30 feet high. The old fence, built in the early 1990s, was made of corrugated steel matting used by the military as temporary runways.

The state of California and major environmental groups sued, unsuccessfully, over wall projects in the state, saying the administration overreached when it waived environmental reviews to speed construction. Last week, a federal appeals court upheld a judge's decision siding with the president.

The latest groundbreaking came three days after Trump declared a national emergency to build his proposed border wall with Mexico. The American Civil Liberties Union on Tuesday filed the fourth legal challenge to the emergency declaration.

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glimpse of great things to come. Y'all getting distracted on T.V While the wall is going up outside. Get those tickets ready to fly to Cali to piss on the 30 foot steel wall girls.

MAGA #Trump2020
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