Kaboom! Trump Administration IS Close To Defunding Planned Parenthood

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Planned Parenthood has killed and murdered over 70,000,000 (Seventy Million) babies for the last 30 years. Sad thing is we all get taxed to fund Planned Parenthood, every year taxpayers in the US are taxed $500,000,000 (Five-Hundred Million) by the federal government to pay for planned Parenthood. Planned parenthood is a Democrat sponosred and was created by Democrats. Its ok to pay taxes in 500 million every year to kill babies but not ok to build a wall. Think about that.....

Now like Obamacare which the Trump administration spearheaded its single mandate being revoked now Planned parenthood is about to get its federal fundinf2 cutoff by the Trump administration.

I agree with the President, all lifes are precious and babies are made in the image of God. What Trump is doing saving the untold millions and millions of babies that will be killed by the Democrats and their buddies in Planned Parenthood. This is holocaust of our time. The killing of babies by the millions every year by the Democrats sponsored Planned parenthood.



  • That’s good more unplanned pregnancy to teens. More WIC and welfare recipients. MAGA! Hahahaha
  • Think about it as more lives being saved from the Democrats killing machine @redsnapper.
  • It's the women's right to make that decision, that why it all " planned parenthood" this itself is another key to reduce poverty, if as woman think that she is not ready to have a baby, it's up to her and this is the key to solve that issue, of course it's add expenses to the government bill and that's why Trump and the republican don't like but that's what the government for to help the people in general and not for rich and wealthy ONLY like the Capitalism? it's a Democratic society established by the founding fathers.Period!
  • Why should we pay for the murders of innocent childrens? Democrats always claim its THEIR BODIES AND THEIR CHOICE. If that is TRUE then they should pay for it THEMSELVES and NOT let the TAXPAYERS fork up the money. The founding fathers never said anything about killing babies. 70 million already killed by Democrats and their planned parenthood.
  • because you don't understand the government, that is why you asking this irrational question..
  • I understand democrats planned parenthood has killed and murdered 70 million babies on the taxpayers dime. That's all i need to understand. Y'all want to fund PP, fund it yourselves.
  • The term "Planned Parenthood" sounds so moral though, like "pro-choice," "affordable care" and "undocumented." What harm such innocent words imply.
  • MAGA.

    I hope it gets all its federal funding defended and let democrats fund it themselves.
  • too bad cause the authority of funding the government lay solely on the house of congress for whom the democrats are in control of..
  • And executive order and majority of the Senate belong to the GOP. With these 2 Trump can defund the Democrats baby killing machine.
  • no can because an executive order must be in order or else he can take a hike, just look at the emergency crisis order at the border, House has voted against it, and senate will vote against it soon. this is another prime example of him abusing the power of the office of the president let alone the constitution of America.
  • If Obama could make DACA law through executive order without congress approving then Trump has precedent to defund planned parenthood. Thanks to Obama...again for setting the precedent. lol
  • Making a law and over riding authority to making appropriation of funding is two different executive order, Obama was in order and Trump was out of order according to the constitution one can tell by the out come of both executive orders. One is being sued by many and the other was not!!
  • @visafree, Obama executive order to declare a emergency to get the US involved in the war in libya went over the constitution and the Congress job to approve war and funding the war. Where were you when Obama was out of order? Oh yeah you didn't care. You are piss mad Trump is using the same playbook Obama used. Thanks to Obama, TRUMP has precdents on his side. Precedents Obama made.

    Deal with.
  • in your dream reaper, get a grip at it!! Obama was not sued by anyone, and trump is being sued by all directions of the government. cry all you want but is what it is..LOL
  • Seven States, Led by Texas, Sue to End DACA Program


    June 15, 2011 - 04:04 PM EDT
    Lawmakers sue the White House over use of military force in Libya


    bipartisan group sues Obama administration over libyan war

    Thanks to obama Trump has a strong case on his side. MAGA
  • History don't lie. Ignorant democrats do @visafree
  • Democrats have much money. They can certainly fund their infanticide.
  • killing babies by the millions, 70 million babies have been killed by planned parenthood since it was created. Creating fake racial crimes to incite race war is according to Visa about peace and love and progress.
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