Chuuk pro-independence candiates for FSM Congress

Is it clear in the filing documents or during the on-going campaign as to who are pro-independence candidate for the upcoming FSM Congress election on March 5?


  • Why don't you go over to Facebook Ran anim news or Micro Forum groups to ask. All Micronesians have left this forum already. Too many non-Micronesian trolls. Go sign up with your real name and post your real pic on facebook so we can see your white faces pretending to be Micronesians trolling this forum 24/7 as if you are assigned to monitor and troll this forum.

    Just stick to baptizing 8 year olds in the villages, you'll have better luck with them.
  • While I am not a Chuuk voter, I am a Micronesian from Pohnpei; and many of my friends are Chuukese. It's not trolling; it's a legitimate question because this topic has been discussed in this Forum for many months; with thousands of posts; under different title. Nothing to do with baptizing. Not everybody is on Facebook. Are you worried that posting the names of those for-- and those against--the independence movement would create any problem with the election one way or another? Maybe you can answer this: who, among the incumbents, is/are pro-independence?
  • coconuts, since I had already closed my FB account a while back, I cannot find out what you are saying. Could you please help--from your Facebook discussions or gossips--who are running for Chuuk's FSM Congressional seats; and who are pro- and who are anti-independence. Thanking you in advance.
  • Pretty hostile response, Coconuts. Is everything OK with you?

    I think Marc was just seeking information, as any involved citizen would

    I can’t comment because I am one of those non-Micronesians to which you refer.

    But if you have the info, why not just share it?
  • Marc,

    Greetings, thanks for sharing your interest on where those candidates running for FSM Congress in Chuuk stand with respect to the secession movement. I kn9w three that are against the secession movement..incumbent Konman and Romolow and candidate Raatior.

    Chuuk delegation as a whole has never been that transparent on the joint statement, no individual public n official statement..not that ive seen or heard.

    Take care
  • Saka, thanks. I guess I was thinking that the topic of independence from the FSM is such a serious issue that it would be one of the major planks in somebody political platform. It's probably there, somewhere; it's just not manifesting itself the way those of us not familiar with Chuukese ways of campaigning are expecting.

    It's not a problem as long as it's clear or understood as nuanced by the local ways of understanding these things. It's just that those of us who are supportive of the FSM with Chuuk as an integral part are anxious--since we don't want Chuukese to separate. But in the end, it's Chuukese people's decision to make; and we'll respect it if that is the desire of 50% + 1 of voters.
  • marc, when you state, "'s Chuukese people's decision to make; and we'll respect it if that is the desire of 50% + 1 of voters," who exactly is the "we" that you reference?

    Are you speaking for the FSM government? For all Pohnpeians? Who, exactly?
  • FM, yes, yes, you're question points to my confusion as well my admission that I don't understand what is going on in Chuuk. Here we are at about 5 days to the national election--which is an opportunity for the campaigners to show support either pro or against independence but there seems to be not much intensity on that front. It's probably there but as an outsider, I'm not be getting it. But that's okay.

    In the end, it's the Chuuk voters' vote--to elect their candidates to the National Congress. Good thing the question on independence has been postponed or delayed; so it's is not on the ballot. It give focus to the candidates and their platform--whatever they may be.

    So I am saying that those people, from outside of Chuuk, meaning all over Micronesia and beyond who would like to see Chuuk to remain with the FSM will be anxiously waiting for the results of the election--to see if pro-independence people were elected even by the smallest of margin. I hope not but that is for Chuukes voters to decide one way or another. Just thinking and putting my foot in my mouth as I don't know what I am talking about.
  • marc, I share most of your thoughts and concerns about Chuuk's future.

    In my view, the threat of secession is no more than a ploy by certain Chuukese politicians to increase their share of funding from the FSM and the U.S.

    Their ploy is not working, at least as far as I can see, and it might backfire very badly if both the FSM and the U.S. say "sayonara" to Chuuk.

    As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for.
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