The Guardian Newspaper:Trump Will Win In 2020 Because Of Democratic Socialism!

Another liberal newspaper has admitted 2 days ago that Trump will win again in 2020 all because of Democratic Socialism....MAGA

The liberal The Guardian Newspaper:
'Trump will win, 100%': conservatives on socialism, Bernie Sanders and 2020
Which Democrat does Donald Trump’s base fear most in the 2020 presidential election?

Senator Bernie Sanders was the candidate named by many attendees interviewed by the Guardian at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the biggest annual gathering of grassroots conservatives, citing his authenticity and ability to generate big crowds.

But none reckoned Trump will actually lose next year as they believe America is booming and the Democratic party is hurtling towards running on a socialist platform that spells electoral suicide.

Once deeply resistant to Trump, CPAC is now like a religious gathering full of Trump idolatry. “Make America Great Again” (Maga) hats and sweaters are much in evidence. Current and former White House officials such as Bill Shine and his controversial wife, Darla, Sean Spicer and Sebastian Gorka can be seen wandering the corridors. “Socialism sucks” stickers, written in the typeface and style of Sanders’ campaign logo, are in abundance.

Morris, a nurse from Gainesville, Florida, who is African American, added: “I’m against socialism because I see it as a form of slavery. The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. Cory Booker and Kamala Harris talk about Medicare for All and that will kill doctors’ incentives to work hard. Look at Cuba.”

Like Trump, Sanders ran in 2016 warning of a rigged system and the downsides of global trade and, like Trump, he thrived in midwestern states against Hillary Clinton. Less than a week after declaring his 2020 candidacy, Sanders had already raised $10m, well ahead of any of his rivals.

Wearing a Maga cap and stars and stripes jacket, Sam Lee, the communications director of conservative group Grand Opportunity USA, said: “I think Sanders has the ability to generate a base. He’s genuine. It’s the same thing as Trump: they’re very upfront about who they are. But Trump will win, 100%.”


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    another liberal news outlet has followed CNN the Hill and Many other liberal outlets in admitting and acknowledging that MAGA is going to win again in 2020.

    Deal with it.
  • Occupy Democrat 2020: We must raise taxes and get rid of all the cows and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
  • Trump will be impeached before he gets out of office.
  • Lol@Reaper...this is awesome.
  • "Bread lines are good thing."

  • Not to worry. Most Americans can pass this simple eye test.
  • Accused of Russian Collusion by Marxists. lol

  • 6 more years guys all thanks to free trump coverage by the mainstream media and democrats going socialist. Not to forget a booming economy. The recipe for another 2nd term of MAGA.
  • One thing that unites Americans is their distrust of socialism. The Democrat party is now split in 2 Those on the center who are a minority and those on the far left or socialism who are a majority in the Democrat party.

    Now Trump is about to slap Cuba a socialist country with a new set of sanctions and at the same time he is sending food and water to the socialist country of Venezuela which is now about to enter a civil war because its people are starving and the socialist government is spending its death squads to kill those who oppose it.

  • Dare i say MAGA? hahaha
  • Since you insist on carpet bombing this site with Trump matters, please watch this video. Any reasonable person will see the issues.

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    @microspring2014, MSNBC is one of the biggest peddler of Trump derangement syndrome next to CNN and NBC. The reporter in your video is Rachel Maddows the same person who claimed Trump didn't pay any taxes. And she was wrong buddy.


  • Microspring, If I asked you how much is your house worth, will you give me the exact amount that everyone in this forum would agree on? Of course not, because everyone would have a different figure, based on their understanding, interest, personal preferences, budget, sentimental value, etc. If you included some enticing pictures of your home in here, the price of your house may rise. There are no fixed values. For example, the assessed value and market value of a property are various estimates by a property assessor. Such values are supposedly based on the current demand of buyers in the market, local economy, age of structure, surrounding facilities and many other factors used by assessors and appraisers. Real estate is not as simple as renting an apartment and opining in front of a camera or in a legislative chamber. Microsoft released a game back in 2002 named " Donald Trump Realestate Tycoon." No doubt Trump changes the value of his properties, like a small store owner changes the prices of goods on the shelves.

    The Democrats intend to launch more ill-founded investigations against the president so that their party would have a better chance in 2020. Their crave for power supersedes their obligation to lady justice. Just like our own democrats in the FSM congress and their constituents. They want power for their factions, more than they crave for justice and the collective good of the whole.
  • Never watched anthing that has MSNBC stamped on it. Just 3 minutes into any Trump related report they air and you can see the bias oozing from the reports.

    MSNBC is making money out of Trump from the 24/7 anti trump coverage its been doing since 2016. Trump is a producers wet dream to high ratings which means more money for MSNBC.

    MSNBC is trying to lead the investigation and steer it and influence it. By investigation i mean the one in the democrats are investigating in the House and the one being lead by Mueller.

    Where did Democrats in the House got the idea for their most recent investigations on Trump? MSNBC and the rest of the Anti Trump socialist media.
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