Kaboom! GOP Senate To USE Democrats Tactic-"Nuclear Option" 2 Quickly Confirm Trump Judges

MAGA! The GOP in a few weeks is going to use a tactic invented by Democrats called "Nuclear Option" which Democrats introduced to the Senate to quickly confirm Trumps nominee to the District and Federal courts vacancies. There were 212 vacancies in the lower and upper courts, Trump has confirmed 91 of his nominees and now 111 vacancies remain.

GOP Preparing Nuclear Option to quickly confirm Trumps nominees to the Courts

Trump is nominating young judges who average 30 years old to life time appointments to be jusges in the US courts which mean those nominated and confirmed will impact the courts for the next 3 to 4 decades. Trump has filled 20% of the vacancies and has confirmed more judges to the courts of appeal under 2 years than any other President in the history of the US....MAGA

Trump has confirmed Morr judges to Appeal courts than any President.

Republicans will use this democrat tactic to cut the debate of a judge qualification from 30 hours to then a simple majority vote will get Trumps nominees confirmed. Thanks to the Democrats for creating this nuclear option tactic.

Nuclear option

List of Trump Federal Judges Nominees confirmed to their Positions.


  • The Republican controlled Senate and The Republican President have learned to use Democrats tactics to their advantage. The GOP SENATE uses Nuclear option that Democrats created to speed confirm the Judges Trump nominated while the Republican President uses Obama's Precedents to build a wall. Overcome and Adapting to their opponents tactics to achieve and implement the MAGA policy.

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  • That's all he is been doing, abusing the power of the office by nominating unqualify unfit people in offices just to cover his criminal activities that are now under investigation, the mobster in command to his corrupt party.
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    @visafree, the nuclear option was made legal by democrats when they controlled the senate couple years ago. All of Trumps nominees to the court's are constitutionalists who thinking are about loyalty to the constitution first and President second. ALL of his nominees are former prosecutors and lawyers and folks who've clerked for judges on the US supreme court. All got gold ratings and top marks and reviews from the American Bar Association.

    Deal with it. MAGA
  • your fact is twisted bro, in plain sight we all see.
  • @visafree, Let the facts speak for themselves.

    CNN: Democrats use nuclear option to clear record number of judges
    By Ted Barrett, CNN

    Posted at 6:44 PM ET, Tue December 16, 2014
    Democrats say they have no regrets over changing the Senate rules to approve more judges

    Democrats use nuclear option to clear record number of judges
    By Ted Barrett, CNN

    Posted at 6:44 PM ET, Tue December 16, 2014

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    Reid proposes controversial rule change 01:52
    Democrats say they have no regrets over changing the Senate rules to approve more judges
    Republicans, who will take control of the Senate in January, are upset with the maneuver
    As they make a final push to approve presidential nominations before Republicans take control of the Senate, Democrats said Tuesday the confirmation of a record number of federal judges was evidence they were right to make controversial changes to filibuster rules, despite objections from Republicans.

    CNN never lies. lol
  • Reap what you sow. Republicans are using the same tactic your party invented.
  • 90 judges confirmed! Wow. Unbelievable. And all under 2 years. 2 years! Reagan is dancing up there in heaven. All the things he fought and tried to implement Trump is fulfilling them. I will vote for him again.

  • Thanks the Democrats for handling Trump and the GOP this procedure ramrod Trumps nominees to the Courts. Especial thanks to President Obama and 2014 Senate Democrat Majority leader Harry Reid. Thanks guys.
  • what I meant by you twisting the facts, the fact is all nominees of trump are all loyal to trump and not the American constitution.. that's what you twist when it comes down to the facts..
  • we all see in plain sight, He want loyalty that's all he care for and not to constution but to himself..I guess you don't even care to admit it too, yeah? far right?
  • @visafree, all the judges obama nominate were all liberals who are more loyal to the democrat party than the constitution. lol

    Trump on the other hand nominates constitutionalists.

    What is a constitutionalists? Answer: an adherent or advocate of constitutionalism or of an existing constitution. Constitution comes first before party affiliation.

  • Rapist is not a constitutionalist? what you talking about?lol his is abusing the power conducting criminal activities while in office
    , is that what you call a constitutionalist?
  • Visa, Reaper just schooled you again and again and again and again. You so stupid you don't know you stupid. hahaha

  • Your talking about Kavanaugh? @ visafree? Didn't the FBI investigation showed us all on live T.V THAT there was no evidence that he raped her. lol

    What criminal activities are you talking about?
  • so now you don't know what criminal conduct your president had done?. paying hush money to influence the election is a criminal activity. what say you? @ reaper?
  • Hush money ain't illegal. No laws in the US about or AGAINst it. lol
  • No criminal conduct as been found. Visa is just making things up.
  • you just too ignorant to understand//. screw the money, moron, the behavior is what matters most. do I need to educate you more on the rules of the law, mr president?.. ahah
  • The rule of law is on the Presidents ans GOPs side. Democrats used it and made it a legal precedent...Thanks Obama and Then Democrat Senate Majority leader Harry Reid for this boon.

  • it's like when the president eat shit this time around you are okay to eat shit when it come down to you as the next president, right? simple commonsense is all there is to it.. mr president..ahahah
  • Its legal and thanks the Obama administration and Senate democrats for the nuclear option.

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