Christian Baker Jack Phillips Scores Major Victory After Continuous Harassment From LGBT Activists

Kaboom! They called themselves progressives and claim their party slogan is "love and acceptance" yet when you refuse to accept their views either on politics and sexual orientation you are a bigot and a racist. This is what the Democrat party has become. Forcing others to accept their views and shield this fascists mentality has "Progressive" or "Liberalism".

Yesterday Christian Baker Jack Phillips won another major victory against the so called LGBTQ progressives who wanted to force him to do something which the US constitution prohibits under the 1st Amendment.

Jack refused to decorate cakes for gay and homosexuals citing his religious freedom yet liberals tried to force him to conform to their views. There are thousands of cake shops in Colorado yet LGBTQs chose His store knowing fully well he has the right to refuse service to any customers and that he refuse to make cakes for homosexuals because he has the right to refuse to do so.

Liberals have lost their minds. Forcing others to do their wishes and accept their views. This is the 2nd time Jack has won a victory in court against these so called liberals progressive.

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  • Why do these so called progressives and LGBTQs try to force others to conform to their views and accept their lifestyle yet they can't accpet nor conform to others who don't share their same views. For example I have no problem if you are attracted to the same sex. Whatever float your boat is your business not mine.

    I know its wrong yet i won't force you to conform to what i consider right. But it seems like gay folks and liberals in General got this this idea that everyone and anyone must agree with them and confirm to their views. This is what i have a problem with. These so progressives trying to force others to agree with them.

    CAN any liberal micronesian in here explain this liberal mentality to me? @SaremChuuk @redsnapper @visafree @FactsMatters @errr ? Why is it like this with liberals?
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