Why did Democrats Put an Antisemitic Muslim on the Foreign Affairs Committee?

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If you vote democrat, could you please help us understand why your party has placed an antisemitic muslim on the foreign affairs committee panel in congress. Was it an instinctive tendency rather than a planned decision? Because a socialist party orchestrated the previous holocaust.

Please, no fake news spins or myriad other types of fallacies. If you're a democrat, please help us understand your logic why you would support an antisemitic muslim by the name of Ilhan Omar, a democrat from Minnesota, on a such an important committee panel that can hurt our ally, Israel. Thank you.


  • Look up the definition of “Semitic”. By the definition both Hebrew and Arabic speakers are Semitic peoples. Both Jews and Muslims are Semitic people.

    What would you do? Include only Christians and Jews on the Foreign Affairs Committee?
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    Lets use the regular definition of "anti-semitic" which is a person who discriminates against or is prejudiced or hostile toward Jews. Israel is Micronesia's and America's closest ally. So how is a democrat who is an antisemitic Muslim good for Israel, America, or Micronesia? Are you suggesting she is a better choice than having Jews or Christians on the Foreign Affairs Committee? or are you bent on having an antisemitic satanist on the panel too for the sake of inclusion?
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    My apologies. In trying to get an answer from you, I forgot to answer your question. Those Americans who fought wars in foreign countries are mostly Christians and Jews. So yes, I would put those who would defend the free world, including the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel, on the Foreign Affairs Committee. My answer is "Yes" to pro-Israel Christians and Jews and "Never" to Antisemitic Muslim. I think most Americans would agree with me. In a senate hearing, Bernie Sanders thought a Christian should not be appointed to public office. It seems many Democrats feel the same way toward Jews and Christians.
  • If you begin by assuming that anti-Semitic means anti-Jew, then you begin by discriminating against a very large group of Semitic people, those who speak Arabic. And if you begin by assuming that Congresswoman Omar is anti-Jew, I guess you could claim she is anti-Semitic. But she is not, and neither does anti-Semitic truly mean Anti-Jew.

    Or you could begin with the US Constitution. Article Six, Clause 3 provides:

    3: The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

    It is unconstitutional to impose any religious test as a requirement for public office in the United States. So if you purposely refuse to place Congresswoman Omar on the Foreign Affairs Committee because she is Muslim, then you have established a religious test for membership in the committees of Congress.

    But the assumption that Congresswoman Omar is anti-Jew is the most dangerous. Because she is not. She is, if anything, anti-State of Israel. The State of Israel is not synonymous with Judaism. The State of Israel is imprisoning a million and a half Palestinians in a barbed wire enclosure called Gaza, without permitting people in or out without permission from the State of Israel. The Gaza Strip is now, and has been since 1967, a Concentration Camp for Palestinians.

    And it does no good to argue that the Palestinians are mortal enemies of the Jews (they are not, they are enemies of the State of Israel), and therefore deserve their prison. That is like arguing that the Nazis were right in attacking the Warsaw Ghetto and killing the 400,000 people therein, because the Jews were resisting their oppression and imprisonment.

    Using that argument, anyone who believes the Palestinians have rights is anti-Semitic. That is semantic bullshit.

    Congresswoman Omar believes that the Palestinian people have human rights, and that the State of Israel, as currently constituted, is a human rights violator. If you believe that the State of Israel is given by God (it is not, it was created by the United Nations on behalf of the Zionists in 1947), then so be it. If God created the State of Israel, however, why did She give Abraham a son by Hagar (Ishmael), who God said would be the founder of nations, and then give Abraham a son by Sarah, a Hebrew (Isaac) who God said would be the founder of nations, and then set them, the Arabs and Jews, against one another in perpetuity?

    This God sure has a sense of humor.

    Do you have any understanding of religion, or do you just call Representative Omar a "satanist" just out of wilful ignorance?
  • BTW, the Resolution passed almost unanimously by the House of Representatives condemned both anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. Even I could agree with that sentiment.
  • I didn't call Omar a satanist. I mentioned a satanist in general if religious inclusion was the motive for having an antisemitic Muslim on the committee. But lets use your word, "anti-israel." Why did you placed such an anti-Israel Muslim in the Foreign Affairs Committee?

    You know, the word "promise land" is found in a Micronesian national anthem, right? I think most, if not all, Micronesians know what it is. We don't like people who support anti-Israel agenda, including Hamas or the Philistines. Please stop promoting Hamas and Hezbollah's agenda. Israel is Micronesia's and US' closest ally. You should know this.
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    ....The resolution should follow through with action. Recall the Muslim IIhan Omar and any other anti-Israel members from the Foreign Affairs Committee. Please. Thank you. Lets not only react to our Jewish and Christian donors but also be pro-active with our Judeo-Christian principles. Support Israel, USA and Micronesia by appointing Jews and Christians rather than the likes of Democrat Omar, the anti-Israel Muslim.
  • Where would you place a Muslim duly elected by her constituents if not on the Foreign Affairs Committee? There is no Religion Committee to which she could be assigned.

    If I recall correctly she is an immigrant from East Africa who became a citizen by regular process and probably became a spokesperson in her community of immigrants for human rights, and probably for the human rights of Palestinians, and was elected in her district based on that political philosophy.

    You tell me to "stop promoting Hamas and Hezbollah's agenda." If human rights in general and the rights of Palestinians to health care and food and medicine in their prison is the agenda of Hamas and Hezbollah, what reason would I have to stop promoting it? Why, because the Arabs and the Muslims imprisoned in Gaza are less than human and have no rights because of the views of their political leaders?

    Good God Almighty, z, are you afraid the words in opposition to the policies of the State of Israel, and the United States in the Middle East in general are right, are correct?
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    I must apologize that your support for Hamas and Hezbollah is falling on deaf ears. Most Americans and Micronesians have a tendency to dislike Islamic terrorism to a point where we can't consume their agendas against Jews and Israel.

    But you may put your Muslim in another committee, say the Agriculture Committee. Maybe in a subcommittee on livestocks like pigs, goats, etc. If that's not ideal, place her in the Veterans Affairs Committee, so she can help wounded veterans, or maybe a subcommittee on waste water, but not drinking water. Your party can even create a committee just for her. This is why the mass influx of Muslim refugees into western countries was a bad idea. But that's water under the bridge. Lets make sure she's reassigned to a non-security-sensitive committee.
  • Rep. Omar is not going to be “reassigned.” Get over it. And the anti-Muslim sarcasm is noted. Pathetic.
  • What is pathetic to anti-Israel muslims and democrats may not be pathetic to many Christians and Jews. But I agree that Americans and Micronesians don't see eye to eye with Hamas and some of you Democrats on many things. That's why assimilation is imperative. Please have your Muslim properly assimilated and don't turn her into another socialist either. They say history tends to repeat itself and we don't want the holocaust to be repeated by another anti-semitic socialist party. Thank you for reassigning your anti-Israel Muslim.
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    ....I thank you in advance because I sincerely hope she will be reassigned by your politicians. The House Foreign Affairs Committee is no place for an anti-Israel Islamic extremist. Her anti-Israel days on that committee should be numbered. If not, then let it be known that a vote for your party is a vote for antisemitic Hamas and Hezbollah. You said it yourself, Democrat IIhan Omar is anti-Israel.

    So many American patriots died since 9/11 at the hands of antisemitic Muslims. And since 9/11, Obama has funded Hamas and Hezbollah by providing their sponsor, Iran, with pallet loads of cash....and now this: an anti-Israel Muslim in the Foreign Affairs Committee. Don't try to lie to conservatives. We know how you Muslims and Nazis hate Jews. A resolution from your party is just lip service without action. Anti-semitic Omar remaining in the Foreign Affairs Committee is the actual message. We also know there are many terror supporters and anti-Semites in the democratic party. Some are dubbed "the Hamas Caucas," which include Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Deb Haaland, Ayanna Pressley and Ilhan Omar. The resolution without follow up corrective action is just empty words.
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    Merriam Webster Dictionary Definition of anti-Semitic:
    relating to or characterized by anti-Semitism : feeling or showing hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a cultural, racial, or ethnic group
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    @z, you are a islamophobe while Ilhan Omar is not a anti-semite according to the logic of @SaremChuuk.
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    I get called a lot of things for expressing my conservative views. I was called a "Nazi" which is a member of an anti-semitic socialist party. But now we know who shares those nazi ideals.

  • @z, it's now amazing how democrats are now ok with people who share the same views on Jews as the Nazi did.

    @SaremChuuk, only after a backlash of Americans being mad did Democrats agree to pass the resolution condemning ant-semtic. They didn't want to pass it, they in fact defended Omars and her Anti-Semtic views. Now that's pathetic.
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    Democrats continue to defend Omar's membership in the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Micronesian leaders should rebuke anti-semitic Muslim Ilhan Omar's membership in the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Our good ally, Israel, depends on us now more than ever. So lets not be reactive like the democrats; but rather, be proactive and condemn Pelosi and her party's support for an anti-Semite in the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

    Micronesia, it's time to take a stand for our ally, Israel! Lets ensure anti-Semites are removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee! We cannot let Hamas and their antisemitic supporters destroy Israel.
  • It looks like Sarem the fake Jew is taking the same stand as her democrats idols in the house and Senate.

    Reaper here is the logic behind Sarems comments. According to her, that Omar lady is not anti-semtic and not anti Jew because Semetic is language that includes the Arabs. That Omar lady's anti-Semtic words were directed against Israel, she singled out Jews and Israel in her anti Semitic words yet Sarem says its not anti Jewish because Semitic also include the Arabs. Sarem willfully condone anti Semitism. In her liberal mind its not anti Semitic yet willfully ignoring the simple fact that she singled out Jews in her comments.

    @z, you don't need to waste your time with Sarem. She is like Reaper said, defending the same things Hitler and the Nazis did. You can see it by her making excuses for Omar.

    This is coming from the same Sarem, tje old lady who accuses trump of what omar is doing.
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    Sarem and liberals and Democrats in the US are giving her a pass. If she was a Republican it would have been a different thing. These are the same Democrats who defended the Democrat Governor last month of pulling a "black face". Its not racist or anti Semitic if its a Democrat doing it or saying anti semtic things.

    @z, you are right the COFA nations must also issue their own resolution condemning anti semitism and stand firm with the only Democracy in the middle east in this time in history when anti semitism and anti Israel is strong within the Democrat party. Stand firm with our Judeo brothers and sisters like Trump and also recognize Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel like Trump did.
  • I couldn't believe it at first, but Sarem helped me understand the hatred many terrorists and democrats feel against Israel. The worse part is her elitist indifference show no sign of real reform from their anti-Israel views and terrorist intentions.

    Now I'm hoping to rally up our Micronesian leaders, including Nauru's, to support Israel, by demanding removal of anti-Semite Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. We have diplomats at the ready in Washington. The last time no one spoke against anti-Semitic socialism the Holocaust happened. We must stop such evil before it grows-- before requiring patriot blood like in the war against Nazism. It has always been Micronesia's (including Nauru's) ordained role to support Israel when progressive countries would not.

    We support Israel because we love the God of Israel and support His chosen people. Our Lord and Savior was a Jew who lived in Israel and loved his people. We have been demonstrating our Judeo-Christian faith by supporting Jews and God's promise land, Israel on political platforms.

    Now, anti-Semites of the Democratic-Socialist Party in Washington are undermining our friend and ally. We will not quit until the enemy of Israel is ousted from the House. Anti-Semites and socialists, their ideals, lies, and their Islamic Taqiya deceptions, have no place in the Capitol. Conservative patriots defeated an anti-Semitic socialist party called the Nazis, in the 1940's -- We must defeat it again! Those Democrat Socialists known as the "Hamas Caucas" must be denounced with words, as well as with action!
  • Why? Because all the other committees filed with hypocrite republicans KKK members.
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    More lies from the party that created the KKK and BLM hate mobs. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was created by the Democrats, after they lost the civil war, to resist the Republican Party’s Reconstruction-era policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for blacks. Today, the Democratic-Socialist Party is transforming its hereditary hate into blatant anti-Semitism and anti-Christianity policies. Don't be fooled, anti-Semites hate Israel.

    For you knuckleheads who don't know, it were Muslims who sold African slaves to the west. Do not trust Omar for her dark skin color, like most sheep tend to do. Omar's and Obama's ancestors, were never slaves . They pretend to be black Americans, but they are actually anti-Semites who hate Jews and whose ancestors sold slaves!
    Anyway, here is a poster by the Democrats promoting their party....Anti-Semitic Democrats are racists!!

  • but in todays reality, its all the other way around. open your big eyes @ fools. far right conservativs, republicans..
  • If that’s the case then Republican party has fallen a great way down. But bone spurs news network can’t be trusted. Just like an orange skinned comb over clown bogus billionaire school grades hiding draft dodging tax hiding putin ass kissin fire and fury bs talking I’ll stop here tired.
  • Only a low IQ libtard can't figure out that BLM and KKK hate groups can't survive in the same party. According to demographic trends, the colored voters were on the rise, so the Democratic Party had to make a choice. They recently disowned the unpopular KKK, after Hillary Clinton kissed that Grand Dragon Robert Byrd good bye and embraced the more promising colored populace. So where do you go when you are no longer invited to the party that taught you hate, vandalism and violence? Hint: There is only one aisle in congress. One side ousted you while the other is unbiased to all American citizens, regardless of skin color or identity politics.

    But hate and political ideals are distinguishably Democrat where ever they may be geographically. White supremacist David Duke was interviewed and his political views was wholly Democrat, e.g he wants big government to control our lives. Anti-Semitism has always been in the ranks of the Democratic Party. From KKK, neo nazis and now Obama's friend, Louis Farrakhan, Muslim Brotherhood staffers, Sarem and her anti-Israel ideals and the "Hamas Causas," which include the subject of this thread, Anti-Semite Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar, who is member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

    Omar is an anti-Semite working to take down Micronesia's friend and ally, Israel. Democrats are supporting Omar, like when they supported Obama giving the sponsor of Hamas and Hezbollah pallet loads of cash. Many Democrats who are Muslims are teaching young people to hate Jews. But most of you are innocent, normal, everyday sheep.
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    Facts from History never lie....Democrats do.

    Former Democrat President Bill Clinton Campaigning for The Former Leader of a KKK chapter

    Democrat Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton getting a kiss from Robert Byrd, whom she called "One of her greatest mentors".

    Snopes a liberal fact checking websites: Did Hillary kissed a Former KKK leader Robert Byrd ?


    US NEWS: Former Democrat Senator Robert Byrd Was a KKK leader
    History Channel:

    History Channel: How Democrats got a KKK member confirmed to the US Supreme Court

    @redsnapper @visafree @FactsMatters @SaremChuuk
    any thoughts on this?
  • Democrats like to rewrite history to fit their narratives. They rewrite history of how they started the KKK. How they elected a KKK member to the Senate and how they conformed a KKK leader to the Supreme court named Hugo Black. The KKK and the Nazis have one thing in common they hated Jews and both were anti semites. In November theu elected 2 Muslim women who are anti semites to the house and made up excuses for these two womens anti Semitic views and comments.

    redsnapper and visafree and SaremChuuk are defending the same platform the Nazi's were known for. History does not lie, Democrats do.
  • The same Democrats who constantly accuse President Trump of racism refused to condemn anti-Jewish bigotry coming from one of their own.

    @Reaper, do you know that Marshallese poet Kathy Kijiner? The daughter of the current RMI President? She is a darling of the US mainstream media and a few months back she posted on Facebook, in this post she denounced Israel and praised the Palestinians goverment when the riots in Israel was making the news. How do you feel about her support for Hamas and siding against Israel?
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    Rasta, she is a relative of mine. Kathy is a good girl and she means well and I'm proud of what she is doing and she is entitled to her opinions. I like what she doing regarding global warming but she is moving away from the reservation and hanging around too much with far left liberals there in Portland, Oregon. I saw that post and i was a little shocked because she talks about women rights and she is also a feminist. I think she is saying those things regarding Israel and Palestine to please the liberals she is hanging around with up there in Portland.

    All the feminist things she is for are forbidden in Hamas controlled territory. She is also pro-LGBTQ and i think she is a wokie or the woke liberal growd. Homosexuality is punished by dead in Hamas controlled Palistine.

    Last time i saw her was 10 to 15 years ago and boy would i love to debate her to put her on the right path again and stop with all that radical left wing BS she is all for.
  • Beware of progressive academia and Soros-funded NGO's.
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