Kaboom! Manafort Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison...Not For Collusion

Where is the COLLUSION???

MSNBC: Manafort had been convicted in the Virginia court last summer on eight counts of bank fraud, tax fraud and failing to file a foreign bank account report
Manafort had been convicted in the Virginia court last summer on eight counts of bank fraud, tax fraud and failing to file a foreign bank account report. The charges mostly pertained to Manafort's past work for Ukraine's Russia-backed president at the time, Viktor Yanukovych.

Manafort is expected to serve only 38 more months of the 47-month sentence because of time he has already spent incarcerated. In addition to the sentence, Ellis ordered Manafort to pay a $50,000 fine, the lowest fine provided for by guidelines that recommended a fine between $50,000 and $24 million.

As we can see by this case it's about his work in Ukraine while working for the podesta group who were hired by....Hillary Clinton.

@redsnapper @FactsMatters @SaremChuuk @errr @visafree @errr - Where is the charge for collusion against Manafort?

Any thoughts?


  • @SaremChuuk im not surprise you didn't post this in a discussion...I can see why...Not linked to Trump or collusion.

    MAGA my anti Semitic defending Jewish friend.
  • hahaha they are having a meltdown in liberal alternative world. But CNN told us it will implicate Trump not for things Manafort did in Ukraine.
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    Democrats are not happy not happy indeed.

    You want to know why? He was charged and convicted of things he did back in 2013/2014 while working for Hillary's 2016 campaign Manager Jim Podesta. Not for COLLUSION. Collusion investigation led back to things he did while working as a ad hoc consultant for Hillary Clinton who was Obama's Secretary of State.

    Here is what CNN had to say.

    CNN on 3/8/2019:
    He'll receive another sentence from a different federal judge next week for the two crimes he pleaded guilty to last year -- witness tampering and conspiracy related to years of illegal Ukrainian lobbying and money laundering. That sentencing could stack on top of the time he received Thursday.
  • Now Democrats are not happy. They are now saying the judge who handled the case shouldn't have be involved. They now know that this Manafort case had nothing to do with Trump or conspiracy with Russia. Trump said it a year ago and he said Manaforts case is about tax evasion and fraud he committed even before he got involved with Trumps 2016 campaign. And guess what he was right.

    I must get @FactsMatters to see this. She must be crying her eyes out.

  • you so out of touch, you don't know the conviction about?.. man you are so twisted you don't know where is top to bottom.. moron! and same goes to your pet dog, the Rastaman the fool..
  • Its their in black and white. conviction of Manafort was for tax evasion, bank fraud and failing to register a foriegn account while working for Podesta group whose chairman was Hillary Clinton's campaign manager of 2016. I'm reporting the facts liberal MSNBC and CNN reported. lol
  • What did i say 2 years ago? Everything i said is coming true. i said this investigation of Manafort has nothing to do with trump and everything to do with his work as a consultant for Podesta. Now look even CNN and MSNBC is saying it. It feels good to be right.
  • Busted again. !! man you just like your president.LOL
  • Liberal Logic 101: Reaper might know President Trump personally. So if he jay-walks, litter, or drive 1mph above speed limit, he should serve a life sentence and then capital punishment.
  • that's right reaper, heal your shame and then come out and show more of your empty skull..As for you Z, stop wiping you masters arsenal..
  • @visafree, busted for what? Repeating the same thing the liberal democrat media is saying which is-Manafort case and conviction got and has nothing to do with Russian investigation while everything to do with his work for Hillary's campaign manager in Ukraine.

    MAGA...What a disappointment the Manafort case and Muellers indictments have been. lol
  • Busted for repeating the same old song you and your president have been singing all these times.." no collusion", " no collusion" . to cover the conspiracy that is being investigated by Muller and the democrats?
  • lol. No links to Trump or Russian investigation according to the judge that is.

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