CNN: "There is absolutely no evidence that Paul Manafort was involved in any collusion with Russia"


  • What does that have to do with obstruction of justice and lying about knowing hush payments?
  • like what the expert are saying, this statement was by Manafort's lawyer is plea for pardon from the president, let's see what will happened next, will he take the bait?..
  • @redsnapper, everything, it has everything to do with what you mentioned. And like CNN said: No evidence of collusion or obstruction found by Mueller". Is CNN lying? lol...5 more years of MAGA.

    @visafree, Manaforts case is done and over. And like I said months ago and proven right yesterday Manaforts case had nothing to do with collusion. lol

  • and you keep on saying " no collusion" on every cases. mr president! LOL
  • Except this time CNN said it Yesterday. lol

    CNN is real news.
  • no man, you just don't understand what CNN was talking about, your understand of the what CNN was saying is the complete opposed of what really what CNN was saying, you trying to twist the fact came a little too short to the you copy me, mr president?lol..ahah
  • CNN is real news. No evidence of collusion according to CNN. lol
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