Obama official Bruce Ohrs full transcript have been released...Not Good For Democrats

The full transcript of Obama DOJ (Justice) Departement was released today in full with no retraction. And what they revealed is not good for Democrats and their witch hunt aka collusion investigation.

Republican congressman releases full transcript of Bruce Ohr hearing
Steele was also employed by an opposition research firm working on behalf of Democrats. Ohr’s wife, Nellie, was also a contractor with the firm, Fusion GPS, and “provided some information to me” on a digital memory card, Ohr told the committee.
Pressed by GOP lawmakers about information from Steele that he turned over to the FBI, Ohr said he disclosed that his source had also expressed that he was “desperate” Trump not be elected, and that his wife had a business relationship with the entity funding Steele’s work, “in case there is any concern that there might be any kind of bias or anything like that.”

Here are the facts from the transcript

The Steele dossier which was used by obama DOJ and Obama FBI was written by a man who wanted Hillary to win. The Company who the man worked for had ties to the Clinton campaign and Democrats. The Obama DOJ and FBI used information supplied by a company that had connection to the democrat party to spy on Trump and Democrat/DNC paid for the information as opposition research against Trump.

Bruce ohrs wife provided him the informations of the Democrats paid Steele dossier, Bruce a Obama official gave it to the Obama lead FBI/Comey. Bruce's ohrs wife also worked for the Clinton campaign of 2016.


  • Trump was and is right. Its a witch hunt. This is the back up plan that Stzrok talked about in taking Trump down. Information that was compiled by a company which was paid for by Hillary and Democrat National Committee as dirt information on Trump was used to kick this thing off.

    FBI couldn't find any evidences of collusion.
    Senate intelligence committee has found no evidences of collusion. House intelligence committee has found no evidences of collusion. Mueller to date has found no Evidences of collusion.

    Democrats. Can't deal with it that they lost to a outsider.

    @redsnapper @FactsMatters @SaremChuuk @SakaSaka @errr @visafree @IronYouth

    You girls still wearing those tin foil hats?
  • I said this shit 2 years ago in this forum even before them fools in the mainstream media found out. What i said? i said this was all nonsense and i predicted correctly that the information being used by mueller and before him Obama's justice and FBI was from Hillary's camp. I was called a fooled in this forum by sarem and FactsMatters. All the things i said about this investigation are coming to past as i correctly told you guys.

    I saw this informations before it became public knowledge thanks to a former Army buddy that works in the law enforcement group that spearheaded this investigation.

  • you are only twisting the Fact here, the bottom line is, the report did not produce "anything" any wrong doing whatsoever, even if the Republican took it on their own, nothing produced..
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    @visafree, the released transcript showed that the investigation Got started by using informations supplied to the FBI from a volunteer from the Hillary campaign, Ohrs wife. And Ohr admitted the Steele dossier was compiled by a man who wanted Hillary to win. And the company the man worked for has connections to the Democrat party.

    Facts don't lie. Democrats do.....MAGA
  • it dose not matter how the investigation got started, you moron!! what matter most, once again.is the fact that the investigation is for real, and it on going with so much produced evidents so far? that's what matter most, you are too stuck with the tis for tat toddlers mentality..
  • It does matter how it got started my sweet liberal friend. Informations from democrats presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was used to roll the investigation on TRUMP. And so far no Evidence have been produced to link Trump or his campaign with collusion. lol

    deal with it.
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