Former Special Counsel Ken Starr: Trump hasn't obstructed justice

This is the same special counsel who investigated Democrat President Bill Clinton and got Bill Clinton impeached for lying to Congress and obstruction of justice .

Here is the interview Kenn Starr gave on CNN on 3/8/2019 which the former special counsel says Trump hasn't obstructed justice and firing Comey was within the Presidents right and it was and IS NOT OBSTRUCTION TP FIRE COMEY.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed&ref_url=

From The Week News Magazine published and released on 3/8/2019: Ken Starr says Trump hasn't obstructed justice
Starr, who led the investigation into former President Bill Clinton, squared off against former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart on CNN after the two met for the first time. One key disagreement was about whether Trump has obstructed justice, with Starr arguing he hasn't.

"You can have the moral view of what obstruction is, and then you can have the legal view, what in fact constitutes the crime of obstruction," Starr said. He went on to argue that doing "what the president has the power to do," like firing the head of the FBI, isn't obstruction.
Starr also said that Trump hasn't "shut down the investigation" and that for there to be obstruction, "you need to see action that actually results in the investigation not being able to be carried forward." Lockhart pointed to Trump's contradicting explanations for his firing of former FBI Director James Comey, but Starr argued that while the president has said some things that are "unwise," "being unwise doesn’t constitute a crime." Watch a portion of the debate below.

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Is CNN lying or for that Matter is Kenn Starr also lying?

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