MAGA!..Trump Has Flip 3rd Circuit Court Towards GOP Majority

Another Campaign Promise Delivered by Trump.

The once Democrat Controlled 3rd Circuit Court has flipped today under Trump. Now it has a GOP/Conservative Majority.

Matey is the 35th circuit nominee to be confirmed under President Trump, a historic number at this point in his presidency, amid ongoing Republican efforts to impose a conservative imprint on the federal judiciary. Matey's confirmation marks the first time Trump flipped an appeals court previously dominated by Democratic presidents' nominees, with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) breaking with his party and voting in favor the nominee. The Third Circuit now has a 7-6 majority of GOP picks and 1 pending vacancy.



  • Mean while the trade war is hurting the average people, tax break did nothing to help, and the white collar people are getting away at doing serious crimes. Is this what you stand for you moron?!!
  • @visafree i see you learning from FactsMatters in the area of spreading fake news. America is winning the trade war. Canada and Mexico agreed to revised a trade agreement with Trump. The EU agreed to Trumps demands a long time ago and according to current stats China is losing the current war.

    And from the Washington post: Its flase that only the rich will benefit from tax cuts.

    And according to MSNBC, Middle income families stand most to gain from tax cuts and tax ruturn this year.


  • Supreme Court has flipped conservative under Trump along with 3rd Circuit courts of appeal. Thanks to democrats and their nuclear option procedure.
  • Its true that only the rich people got away become more richer and the middle did not get a penny out of the tax breaks, btw, your reading skill suck!, there is no need to debate with low IQ. it's just not worth it!..
  • National Emergency Fail. Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha.
    Orange Ass clown McFuck Face was bitched slapped by the Legislative branch. Even his republican kiss asses have had enough of his bullshit. I guess Mexico will not pay and neither will the American people. Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha.
    The thing about BS artists is that in the end truth prevails.
    Now gonna read my bible signed by Apostle Fuck Face himself. The Book of fuck Face, Chapters Fraud through Pornstars.
  • @visafree, according the datas and research conducted by MSNBC, Middle income families stand most gain from tax returns this year due to GOP tax cuts.

    MCNBC like CNN is real News.

    @redsnapper, Nationaly emergency to build wall is still on. You are talking about the resolution to condemn the National Emergency. Its symbolic. Its like saying they don't agree with it. It does not stop the National Emergency. It passed the Democrat controlled house not the Senate and not enough vote to overturn a MAGA VETO.

    Relax, the National emergency to build the wall is still being enforced. A billion dollars is about to be taken from California. lol

  • How about we talk about how to make Chuuk, Kosrae, Pohnpei and Yap great again? Why do we have to talk about "Make Assholes Gonorrhea Again" MAGA here?
  • So why the Veto is even necessary if it’s not needed to build the wall?
  • @microspring2014, Because we have different area's of interests. Think globally not locally. Whatever happens in MAGA land have effects in MIcronesia too. Globally not Locally.

    @redsnapper, You are really slow up there. Resolution passed by Congress was to show that they disagree with President Trumps use of national emergency to build the wall. They resolution does not STOP the National Emergency. The National Emergency is still being enforced to collect $$$ to build the wall. 8 billion some say 14 billion $$$ will be found by the national emergency. Trump is also asking for another 8 billion from Congress. With or without democrats approval the wall is being build and funds are being appropriated.

  • Good news indeed. Good news. I hear that Trump and the GOP are in full confirmation mode with all the nominees he named to the vacancies in both the districts and federal courts. Kenneth Lee, a Trump nominee is now on the process of being confirmed to the 9th circuit court. There are 9 open seats in the 9th and Trump and the GOP are on track to fill them. If it goes well it will be peopled by 13 conservatives and 16 liberals bringing balance to the 9th which is the center of the resistance to Trumps Domestic policy.

    We have the Supreme court now the 3rd is also in our hands and the 9th is about to be balanced.

    At first i thought Trump will never achieve this but then the GOP brought out the nuclear option. Only in my wildest dream I've dream of this but now its a reality. Since Reagan we conservatives have dream of this day and boy oh boy Trump is fulfilling that conservative dream. To stack the courts with judges who look after the constitution first before party affiliation something the liberal leaning judge's in the system have forgotten.
  • Yes it good news. And we must not forget to thanks our democrats friends for giving us this procedure to speedily confirm these nominees. Like Cocaine Mitch said back in 2014 "Democrats would rue the day Republicans ever got control of the Senate". Its all perfectly constitutional thanks to democrats "Nuclear option" . Come hell or high water those spots will be filled by Trumps nominees. Thanks Obama and Senate democrats.

    Deal with it.

    As for border. The National Emergency is still on.

  • Red, this was all for show. Noting to the record and minute and official Senate minutes that they opposed the national emergency. A baby with no tooth does not have a bite. This is what it was. If Trump ever has to veto he will go on build his damn wall. The republicans won't jump ship when Trumps approval is 9/10 amongst republicans and 89% approval amongst republican voters. They won't override his veto with this numbers on his side.
  • Red, this was all for show. Noting to the record and minute and official Senate minutes that they opposed the national emergency. A baby with no tooth does not have a bite. This is what it was. If Trump ever has to veto he will go on build his damn wall. The republicans won't jump ship when Trumps approval is 9/10 amongst republicans and 89% approval amongst republican voters. They won't override his veto with this numbers on his side.
  • So a pointless resolution and even more pointless veto.
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    The veto is not pointless because it slapped the Democrats back to reality. The wall is being build. And they don't have the numbers to carry through with their symbolic resolution. The veto is powerful because its means the wall is being build through the national emergency.

  • First Veto of the trump administration in 3 years of first term. Obama had like 5 or 6 vetoes in his first term. This is how you can tell his domestic policy is being carried out. The less vetoes means the less resistance congress is actually giving a President. The more vetoes issued by a President means that Congress is actively resisting the President. Obama had 12 vetoes under 8 years and 4 and 6 vetoes under 1 term. That says a lot.
  • 9 more months till reelection. lol
  • Yes, Trump's best chance to escape imprisonment is to stack the courts with Trump judges. MAGA lol
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    @FactsMatters said: " Yes, Trump's best chance to escape imprisonment is to stack the courts with Trump judges "

    Its Congress that decides to impeach a President not the courts. All of the names of Trumps nominees to the courts were published and released to the public 5 months before the 2016 elections because these vacancies were all from Obama's last 4 years when Republicans took over both houses od Congress and torpedoed Obama's nominees and didn't confirmed Obama's nominees. Lets not spread fake news and conspiracy theories FactsMatters. Lets leave that to the Democrat leaning media......And Yes....Thanks the Democrats for the nuclear option...


  • Like one said earlier, " A baby with no tooth dose not have a bite", this is very true in plain sight! we all can see unless you are blind and dumb.
  • @visafree, But Trump and GOP have teeth and its called the "Nuclear option" brought to you by the Democrats of 2014. MAGA
  • thanks for proofing my case here..SMH
  • Finally. Law -- not social justice, progressive activism, and political correctness-- will take precedence once more. Thank you Democrats for inventing the Nuclear Option...and thank you AOC for saving the cows and regulating libtards' birth rate. You are truly a blessing.
  • @visafree, the teeth was given to the Republicans by none other than Democrats themselves. Teeth/Nuclear option was invented by Democrats in 2013/obama era. lol

    History does not lie...Democrats do...faux concern about the constitution now but didn't care when about the constitution when they controlled the Senate...Silly Democrats

    Here what Democrats Senator Chuck Schumer had to say about Harry Reids Nuclear
  • Hahaha remarkable. When it was their turn it was alright but now republicans are doing the same thing they don't like it. Deal with the consequences you liberal idiots. You brought this upon yourself Bcuz you f-Ers thought 2016 was in the bag.
  • But the problem is, the president with the support of some far right conservative republican, is using the option to override the power of the legislative branch?. you people really think this is for the good of America? do you really think this will balance the country, is this constitutionally correct or politically correct thing to do?. is the wall necessary and is the emergency crisis a fact or just a political stunt?. no brainer!
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    @visafree, President Obama and with help from far left Democrats used this option/nuclear option to override the power of the legislative branch in 2009 and 2013. Where were you then? Oh yeah YOU didn't care. If you were ok with then what changed? Republicans using the same Obama and Democrats tactic is what changed it. lol

    Deal with it....Your party made its bed now lay in it and cry.
  • The Republican don't know what to do, they restored to copying the democrats foot steps, its true they are in deep shits, come 20/20.. its all over if Trump is their only candidate which probably is.?
  • @visafree, its called being tactically wise. Its part of the Senate procedures because Democrats made it part of the Senate procedures. GOP flipped thr 3rd circuit and now its about to confirm 9 conservatives to the 9th circuit court. And under Trump the supreme court flipped to conservatives. lol @deep shit.

  • Point of information: "Far-right Conservative" means a disowned democrat (white supremacist, e.g KKK, Skin head, Nazi, etc)
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