Kaboom! U.S. Supreme Court Hands Trump Administration Another victory On Immigration Battle

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The Trump Administration Used Examples And Precedents From The Previous Administration Of President Obama To Sway a 5-4 Decision In Its Favor....Thanks Obama for giving Trump Another victory by setting this Precedent which Trumps DOJ USED TO GET ANOTHER WIN IN THE SUPREME COURT...MAGA

Supreme Court hands Trump an immigration victory in 5-4 ruling that ICE can arrest criminal illegals ANY time after their prison sentences are over

Reuters (3/19/2019):
The ruling that federal immigration authorities can detain immigrants awaiting deportation anytime after they have been released from prison on criminal charges represents a victory for President Trump. The court's conservative justices sided with the Trump administration, which argued as the Obama administration did, against hearings for those convicted of crimes and affected by the law.

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