The ISIS Caliphate Has Been Destroyed!!!

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What Obama couldn't do in 7 years Trump has do in 2 years. And that is the destruction of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Caliphate. We must not also forget that it was because of Obama's failure of a middle east policy that let to the rise of ISIS and a middle east in flame.

ISIS Caliphate (RED) Territory under Obama

Remember in 2016 during the presidential campaign that Hillary Clinton along with the Democrat leaning media said Trump won't destroy ISIS? Well today that has been proven wrong yet again. Today the last town held by Isis has been liberated by US and Kurdish forces.

ISIS Caliphate (RED) Territory under Trump

This is what happens when the US is lead by a man who do what he says instead of just saying things and not following through like Obama. Another campaign promise has been delivered....MAGA

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  • One America News Network: Last ISIS Stronghold In Syria Liberated
    OAN Newsroom
    UPDATED 11:11 AM PT — Thursday, March 21, 2019
    Another one of President Trump’s campaign promises is now fulfilled as ISIS is officially eradicated from Syria.

    According to Thursday reports, the last ISIS stronghold in Syria has been liberated and the caliphate has been fully conquered.

    While an official announcement has not been made, bombs have stopped dropping, gunfire has ceased and the terror group’s flags no long fly over the town of Baghouz.

    This comes just hours after President Trump said ISIS would soon be completely destroyed by U.S.-backed forces in Syria.

    A clearing operation is now underway and an official announcement is expected soon
  • Trump 2020.
  • Is not that Obama couldn't destroy ISIS is that he WOULDN'T. Big difference. He was protecting his muslim brothers who he helped come to power in Iraq and Syria.
  • His muslim ancestors were dirty slave traders who sold african slaves to the west. But democrat sheep thinks Obama got black american roots. I shall laugh in their vernacular, bah bah bah.
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