Mueller investigation a.k.a the Witch hunt is over!!!!

The witch hunt is over. And I'm really really disappointed. I was promised by CNN and MSNBC and ABC and NBC and all the other liberal leaning news channels that before Meuller turns in his report he would indict Donald Trump, Don Trump Jr, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump before he turn in his report. He turned in his report yesterday and according to CNN and MSNBC and ABC and NBC there are no more indictments filed by Mueller.

I'm really disappointed. I was promised for 2 years since 2017 that Mueller will indict Trump for collusion. I was promised for 2 years that all the indicted from Mueller will be charged with Collusion with Russia. And Yesterday that all was proven to be a lie. Not one single person was indicted for collusion or obstruction.

I'm crying my eyes out right now. Where is the collusion i was promised by the media and Adam Schiff? Where is the indictments i was promised? Why isn't Jared Kushner and Don Trump Jr and Ivanka not indicted? They promised these people would be indicate by Mueller before he finish his report.

I'm pissed off and mad as f**k and my eyes hurt for crying since this news hit the internet and tv channel.


  • I wasn't surprise one little bit. All the indictments were all for things unrelated to the "Russian collusion" part of the investigation. And the Special counsel has reccomend no further indictments from this investigation. Not one single person has been charged with Collusion with Russia to impact the 2016 election.

    The left will now go after Mueller if this report clear Trump of any wrongdoing. And if this report does clear him don't be surprise if He and the DOJ look into Uranium one, Manaforts and Podesta and Clinton part in Ukraine.
  • Democrats Congressman Adam Schiff who said last months that more indictments and evidence of collusion will be found and filed by Mueller is having a melt down. Today he said on CNN he reject the notion that Mueller has reccomend no more indictments and he will subpoena Mueller to appear and give a testimony on why he reccomended no more

  • Democrats and their mainstream media.

  • The only reason the president is not indicted is because of the executive privilege policy of the DOJ which Muller had to followed what the attorney general follow what the president said? brainer!! The fact is, if five of the presidents top advisors had been indicted and are being sentence to prison for wrong doings, what makes the president any different in the eyes of the court of the SDNY?. only fool will begin celebrating when actually, this just the beginning of the real battle of if there was any wrong doing committed by the president and his family. this is no brainer!! and only the dumbs would not understand the fact and its a shame..
  • @visafree, lets not spread fake news from the alternative universe. Didn't you liberals predicted that Mueller would indict the President? What happened?
  • Liberal are having a meltdown today since yesterday and all the way to 2024.

  • you are the fake news Reaper.. your style of spinning the fact is also the style of the Trump and is republican propaganda machine (The fox news) which for the most part are all lies.. lets face the reality here, if Trump is innocent, why is his administartion not complying to the over sight committee request to turn is all documents that are needed?
  • This Sjw doesn't know the doj must follow the law. Oh my kootness!
  • here we go again!! the z wiping reaper's arsenal? ahaha btw z, what law?
  • @visafree, who have been spinning the facts for the past 2 years and telling us Mueller would indict Trump? lol...The media and Democrats. lol

    Trump hasn't stopped the mueller team from investigating him this past 2 years. And Trump is refusing democrats oversight because its another witch hunt that spin out of a witch hunt to look for a excuse to oust him because they can't accept the lost of 2016. lol

    Its called presidential privilege. Look it up. The last President used it to sidestep republicans oversight into his administration illegal wars in Syria and Lybia.
  • 18 U.S. Code § 1905
  • @ Reaper, you are full of shit!!, the congress has the constitutional duty to oversight the administration, its is not up to the president to decide what the congress can or can not do, it call "the separation of power, you're the one who needs to look things up before spewing your ignorant fool in here. btw, Bill Clinton did comply without resistance, why is not Trump complying without resistance ? what is trump hiding?
  • z, take your 18US code and shove it , stupid liar!! ahah
  • You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. smh
  • z the wiper in da house. that's right wipe you stupid master good too, cause he/she is full of it!! ahah
  • flash floood warning: Liberal tears overflowing on 20 States and some land parcels in Micronesia

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