LOL: CNN Begrudgingly Admits Trump Has Been Vindicated by Russia Probe

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Video's OfCNN Forced To Admit Mueller Report Vindicates Trump

You’ve no doubt caught wind of Bob Mueller calling it a day on the Russia investigation. Trumpy appears to have survived all the the scrutiny, despite all the tales of secret meetings and Russian hookers’ pee-pee. Even CNN is begrudgingly admitting the Donald has been vindicated:

CNN political analyst Gloria Borger admitted that the president is “vindicated” by the conclusion of the probe, but did so in a roundabout way, focusing on the political implications for the president’s past critiques of the Mueller team. “So if, if as Jeffrey is saying, they get great news, the great news is, first of all, there’s no more indictments. But if suddenly the president has to say those angry Democrats who were working with Bob Mueller were actually just part of a Justice Department doing its job after he has criticized the Justice Department, then he’s now vindicated.”

Geez, just give it up already. This matter is finished.

Looking at the actions of the Democrats, this investigation was nothing short of a witch hunt. Lefties across the board were putting their impartiality aside to try landing hits on the Orange Man. Alas, the left’s aim was too poor and they had zilch in the way of ammo.

Even though Trump has been vindicated, something tells me we’re nowhere near the end of this investigation brouhaha. Lefties are hellbent on dragging Donny-T out the Oval Office by his combover. These “progressives” aren’t about to let anything get in their way. Even a complete lack of evidence.

This non-story was a giant two-year waste of time. On the next go-round, maybe the left should try going with a narrative that’s not from the land of make-believe.

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  • I don't need CNN or the Mueller report to know that Trump is a traitor. His actions speak louder then CNN or the report could ever say it. He is a traitor. He sold the US out to Russia.
  • What? That's not what you and your liberal friends have been saying the last 2 years. CNN said this CNN said that and its true now you don't need CNN to tell you that he has beem vindicated by the Mueller report. Ironic isn't it? CNN AND mueller were the hopes and dreams of getting rid of trump but now you don't need them to tell you he has been vindicated. lol

    Iron, i like you. You are rarity in this forum amongst the socialist in here. You have been level headed but now what changed? Don't tell me you have gone far left and join FactsMatters and SaremChuuk and redsnapper and that fool visafree.

    How is he a traitor? Russia is buckling under the weight of the sanctions Trump has slapped them with and Russia's economy is on a downward spiral and going through a high inflation. And Trump has send nuclear bombers to Europe and brought back REGFORGER which sends US armored to its border and sell weapons to Ukraine to fight against Russia. And killed over 200 Russians in Syria and has revive a US fleet Obama deactivated for the sole purpose of checking Russian navy in the Atlantic.

    He is doing a poor job at being a traitor. Destroying its economy and has changed US Army policy in Europe with Russia in mind. Some traitor he is. lol
  • This is not about what who said, its all about Trump and his behavior since he was seated as a sitting president and even before he was elected and it is True, his actions and his behavior speaks louder then any words on this planet, TRUE!
  • I told you to stop watching those Hollywood homosexuals on mainstream media but nooooo. Now, just look at you. You're a train wreck. smh.
  • hey z, you here to wipe some arsenal again or what?.. SMH
  • Mueller report has found no evidence of collusion or obstruction @visafree and my liberal friends.
  • Totally Not True, obstruction of justice is a DOj own lie that raised so many questions that needed be answered,the doj is Trumps own picked AG and a critics of the investigation. how can he come out with a conclusion in three days and it took Muller two years without a conclusion to obstruction of justice? , question # 1..ahah
  • @visafree, i wonder why Muellers report stated that it couldn't find any evidences of obstruction and didn't reccomended any more indictments? Is it because they couldn't prove it! The DOJ HAS THE POWER TO PROSECUTE IF AND WHEN EVIDENCES ARE THERE AND WHEN THERE ISN'T ANY LIKE THE REPORT STATED DECLINED TO PROSECUTE. Thats how American laws works. You can't always have it your way. lol
  • Question#2, why is Bar holding the full and final report from public?
  • It will be released in due time according to the laws and guidlines set by Congress. And if Barr was lying Mueller would be on the NEWs saying he is lying. Mueller is silent which means Barr summary on Muellers report is true. No evidence of collusion and no evidence of obstruction.

  • Yeah right, after he hide the Facts , he is trying hard, by seeking legal advice from outside legal counsel, by good news is the party of the PEOPLE the democrats wont rest until the full report is released to the Public. btw, Moller have no comment but he will be when face the congress..
  • Question#3, is it Bar's duty to make conclusion of the full rep[ort to the house oversight committee? ahah
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    @visafree, its the DOJ JOB to pursue charges or not to charge someone and law enforcement while Congress job is to pass laws according to the constitution.

    The DOJ WILL release the report when its done with it according to 64 Fed. Reg. 37,038, 37,040-41 passed by Congress on July 9, 1999 and Fed. R. Crim. P. 6(e)(2)(B). Rule 6(e) and 18 U.S.C. § 401(3).

    Barr is enforcing laws and regulations passed by Congress, Visafree, if democrats want him to release it immediately all they have to do is change those laws and those federal guidlines and rules Congress itself passed years ago.
  • @visafree, yes its Barr/DOJ JOB to make a conclusion according to the constitution. Muellers job was to investigate and then send his report to DOJ and DOJ will reccomend charges or not to reccomend charges. Law enforcement is the DOJs job NOT Congress.
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