It Has Started-Liberals & Media Are Now Attacking Robert Mueller

As i said a few weeks ago that when the Mueller report comes out and of its against the Democrats and Media Narrative, the Democrats and media will turn on Mueller and attack him. IT HAS STARTED!!!

Now Democrats and their friends in the media have begin to spread the word that Mueller is in league with Trump and is covering up for Trump and wrote a report that will exonerate Trump of collusion.



  • Dem Rep. Naddler wants Mueller to testify about how he conducted the investigation and why his report found no witches.
  • Adman Schiff now doesn't believe Muellers report. lol

    This is the same man who was praising Mueller and all of a sudden doesn't trust Mueller anymore.

    Silly democrats.
  • it is true, the report is a cover up. the president is guilty and no doubt about it.
  • @visafree, what happened to Mueller time? From 2017 to 2018 until Mueller released his report that cleared Democrats praised Mueller for his integrity and honesty and now they and you don't trust him no more. What happened? He didn't find anything.

    It was obvious he wouldn't find anything but you collusion dillusion libtards went on with the lie. All the signs were there that there was no Collusion.

    1. September 16, 2018 - 06:00 AM EDT
    Lisa Page bombshell: FBI under Obama couldn’t prove Trump-Russia collusion before Mueller appointment

    2. Back in 2017: Obamas Director of National Intelligence James Clapper admits No 'Evidence' of Collusion Between Trump and Russia

    3. Back in 2018: House intelligence Committee found no evidence of Collusion between Trump campaign and Russia

    4. 2 months ago: Senate intelligence Committee find no evidence of Trump-Russia COLLUSION

    All findings were based on Obama's administration investigation in the witch hunt. Now Mueller confirms what 4 investigation already concluded. All 4 found nothing including Mueller who was Obama's friend and appointee to FBI.
  • Still continuing with the debunked lie a visafree. Damn you good commie. Hahaha
  • @visafree why didn't the democrats vote yes on the green new deal yesterday? They had their chance to vote and be on the record about implementing the deal they claim will help against the fight on climate change and when it came to vote on in the US Senate to make it happen not one single democrat voted yes on the green new deal. Why?
  • visafree i thought you said green new deal is innovative and will work i guess your leaders knew its the opposite.

    Liberals- We must pass the green new deal because it will work and we must stop climate change.

    come voting day on green new deal.

    Liberals voted Present instead of yes.
  • The four page report by Bar is a cover up. why is he not releasing the full Muller's Report?
  • @ Rastafari, why?. because the vote on senate floor was another one of majority leader Mitch's political stun? who would be stupid enough to vote on something that has not been discussed? the vote " present" was not against or for the GND, it was a counter respond to crooked Mitch's political just don't know how the process work that's why I urge you to do some research first before you jump to a conclusion..?? ahah
  • @ Reaper, It's not Muller the democrats don't trust, it's Bar and his own Report is what's been question about by many experts including by majority of the country.
  • @visafree why discuss the GND when Democrats have been advocating for on tv and assured us that its the best? Again why did they not for it when they all endorse it? Since November AOC AND Her far alt-left democrats in the house and Senate have been cheering for it on t.v when time to pass it they all didn't vote yes and 4 democrats sided with republicans and vote no.

    They knew it won't work so they didn't vote. thats the answer.
  • Another BS from @visafree the lighter shade of redsnapper. lol

    Visafree, the political stunt came from Democrats who've been telling the world climate change is real and urged the Senate to pass the Green New Deal and telling everyone its urgent that the green new deal be adopted and implemented yet when it came to make it law and implement the Awesome Green New Deal they were no show and didn't vote yes. This was the stunt. They had their chance to put their money where their mouth is and they backed out. This is the stunt: Telling world its important to pass it. Yet democrats failed to vote to make it law. Its all about getting votes with Democrats.
  • As for Mueller report it is what it is. Deal with it. Muellers job was to find any evidences of collusion and reccomend charges but he didn't reccomended any charges after turning his in report. Why? He has nothing. Barrs summary is based of muellers report and many experts believe muellers report. its democrats who opposes it and muellers report because they have no choice but to continue the fake witch hunt.

    Many experts in the house intelligence committee, the FBI, The senate intelligence committee agree with Mueller and Barrs summary. Even Obama's national intel director admitted it a year ago.

    Trump has told Barr to release the report not to the Congress but straight to the American public. lol

  • visafree the vote brought up Mitch was to make GND law and adpot it into laws and implement it to stop climate change. Answer this again visafree, why didn't democrats vote to implement it? they were all talking about it but when the time to make it happen why did they not vote yes? Why didn't they vote yes? can you answer?
  • It has been Mitch tactic in senate. all of a sudden there is a vote on the floor even if the resolution or the bill has not yet been going thru the proper procedure of the senate to reach the floor to vote on..this what exactly happened to the GND and when no body vote yes or no because nobody know what's on the final resolution or the bill?.. it just don't make nay sense to vote yes or no, therefore they vote present??.lol
  • " Climate change is like World War two, we are fighting for our life's and that is why we must adopt the Green New Deal immediately "
    Democrats Rep.Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Green New Deal must be adopted and implemented immediately they said but when it came time to vote to implement it they didn't. Why is that @visafree? Aren't we fighting for our life's? lol

  • That's all the republican have to say.. booo!.. hail to the beautiful young and fresh mind congresswoman, the republican are shaken by her present in the congress btw ,millions of followers have her support but the crooked administration and his puppets in congress
  • @visafree, she lied to her climate warriors. She pulled a fast one on them. She said to them we must adopt the green new deal right away. came voting to implement it and she didn't vote yes. Again why did she and democrats in Congress didn't vote yes? I don't get it. They said its a must yet didn't go to work to make the green new deal happen. Why visa why?

    And no GOP is not threatened by her. They are happy she is in Congress. She is making the GOP jobs easy at showing Americans why socialism is not good and how democrats are all socialist but in name. And she is causing division within the democrat party. She is a god send. Majority of Americans don't like socialism. And she is making voters running towards the GOP and she is causing infighting within the Democrat party. If only there were more like her. lol

    And Democrats are now looking for someone to replace her 2 years from now and are looking for someone to run against her 2020.
  • first of all, you need to know how the congress work, and I'm not about to educate you again. LOL @ ignorant fool..ahah
  • @visafree, you are the one getting a education for free in here. Lol
  • you ask why? I gave the answer why before your inquiry of why they did not vote?.. did you get it or still not get it? ahah
  • @visafree, why didn't democrats vote yes? You gave me a excuse not a answer. The same silly excuse democrats are using. Again why didn't they vote yes? They said it was urgent to pass it and then didn't vote yes to pass it. Why?
  • @visafree


    Democrats said The Green new deal will save lifes and create millions of jobs. Republicans said ok lets put it to a vote. Democrats said its absurd to vote on it when we didn't debate it but claimed its urgent to make it law.

    Why didn't they vote yes when they claimed it was urgently needed? why?
  • because there was no vote, it was a political stunn by the Mitch, before a vote reaches the floor, it needs to go through a process that you don't understand Reaper, this is how the system work . but the GND was only a resolution that did not go through the proper process, all of a sudden the GND resolution is on the floor,the democrats are not stupid to vote yes or no on something that is not real?. do you understand now? ahaha, that's why you think what you are thinking right now.ahah
  • @visafree, It was a vote. A vote to make it law. Why debate it and go through the process when GND will safe the world and stop climate change as democrats claimed. It was needee badly and right away says democrats but when it was time to deliver it and safe the world democrats backed out and didn't vote yes to safe the world like they say the GND would. Again why didn't they vote on in? They say it was need right now but didn't vote yes? Why is that visa? Why? Was it because it was a Democrat political stunt from the beginning? Why didn't they vote?
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