UN REPORT 3/24/2019: 134 Christians Killed Today In Mali By Muslims

Where is the media and Democrat outrage???

BAMAKO, Mali (AP) - The death toll from a massacre in a central Malian village rose to 134 dead, the U.N. said, as new video emerged Sunday showing victims strewn on the ground amid the burning remains of their homes.

Among the victims in Ogossogou were pregnant women, small children and the elderly, according to a Peuhl group known as Tabital Pulaaku.

An ethnic Dogon militia already blamed for scores of attacks in central Mali over the past year attacked an ethnic Peuhl village just before dawn on Saturday.

Graphic video obtained by The Associated Press shows the aftermath of Saturday's attack, with many victims burned inside their homes. A small child's body is covered with a piece of fabric, and at one point an ID card is shown covered with blood.


Where are the Democrats protesting this? Why are the liberal media not reporting it on tv?


  • The religion of peace doing peaceful thing.
  • Christians are the most persecuted people in the world. Trump has saved many Christians from foreign countries. Previously, Obama provided refuge to Muslims from Syria, despite it were Christians being decapitated and burned alive.
  • @z, and democrats are defending the cult of death. The irony. Everything they want in terms of women rights and LGBT rights are not allowed in Islam.
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