MAGA: Pentagon Has AUTHORIZED $1Billion To BEGIN Building Border Wall

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A week of winning just keep on getting better and better and more better. ISIS Defeated, Free speech on Colleges signed into Law, US recognize Israel Sovereignty over Golan Heights, Michael Avenatti got arrested, No Collusion and No obstruction and Now Pentagon has been authorized $1Billion to start construction of the Border wall....Trump was right im getting tired of all these winnings...Christmas has come early.


From Daily Mail News:
Acting Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan said Monday he had authorized $1billion to build part of the wall sought by President Trump along the U.S.-Mexico border - prompting Donald Trump Jr to exclaim that 'Christmas has come early'.

Shanahan 'authorized the commander of the US Army Corps of Engineers to begin planning and executing up to $1billion in support to the Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Patrol,' a Pentagon statement read.
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Tears them sweet liberal tears. lol



  • Good news folks good news. Democrats in the house tried to stop the Pentagon from diverting this $1billion to the wall but the Pentagon as proceeded today to give the money to the wall. MAGA

    From US Defense News:
    The Pentagon has pushed through a $1 billion reprogramming request to pay for the border wall, despite opposition from Democratic leadership.

  • its been what? months now yet, the admin still can not find any money for the wall beside whats already been allocated by congress during the shut down? even a US admiral has refuse any money from his branch for the trump wall.. its a shame..
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    The National Emergency will bring in close to $10billion dollars plus the other $4billion that Democrat gave in 2017. $14billion in total for the wall. $8billion more to fully fund it.

  • you say "will bring".. I say will never happened, the security of the nation is far more important then the stupid wall.. according to many top military experts.
  • @visafree said:you say "will bring".. I say will never happened, the security of the nation is far more important then the stupid wall.. according to many top military experts

    Here are the facts
    Trump declared a national emergency to get the money. Democrats tried to STOP it. Trump veto it. And Democrats failed to override his veto. Which means the national emergency is legal and still in effect which mean Trump is getting his $14billion for the wall.

    (3 days ago) CNN:House fail to override Trumps veto, National Emergency still enforced

    Its happening. And the Pentagon as immediately authorized the $1billion to the wall and with it another 57 miles of the wall is being build. You said collusion happened Mueller said it didn't. So your expertise is bird food in this matter. According to the men and women of the border patrol, a wall is needed.


  • Only yesterday, the one million that was allocated by congress during the shut down, is ever mentioned to public to begin is to finally moving. the rest is still yet to be found, according to the Administration.. this is the tricky part, trying to find the imaginary funding..
  • I believe congress has allocated $4billion to the wall. The money is there. lol deal with it. $14billion lol
  • @visafree stop lying it there. It wasn't 1 million but 1.6 billion that was allocated along with 3.2 that Democrats also gave in 2017 for the wall. 4.8 billion is the total congress gave. Now add that to the billions the emergency decoration will bring which some say 8 some say 10 whole other says will bring 20+billion. Thats a whole lot of wall.
  • that 4.8 billion was rejected by trump during the first negotiation BEFROE the shut down and following the shut down, the second negotiation He the president Trump caved in and accepted the deal for 1.6 Billion. ask yourself this, is it was 4.8 Billion why is only 1 Billion is been utilized?..ahahah.. another misinformed Fox fan just like the Reaper.huh?
  • Democrats gave Trump $3billion in 2017 and in 2019 gave another $1billion. In total Democrats gave $4billion to Trump. And no @visafree, $1billion is just from the DOD ALONE! The other $10billion will be taken from California rail line, Drug monies taken from drug dealers and many other areas.
    The national emergency and other measures will free up $8 billion

    MAGA. Its already a done deal. Democrats failed to stop it. So much for Blue wave.
  • again, you are dreaming about the imaginary funding @ Reaper, as long as you understand the meaning of the words "will" and "is" maybe you can understand what the article is saying my friend damn! your reading skills sucks . but anyways, the fact is, the admin is still looking around for that funding because in order to go for the imaginary funding it has to go through court first..ahaha
  • @visafree, The Democrats tried to stop the national emergency declaration because it will give $8billion dollars to the wall. Your education level sucks. The money will go to the wall before the courts decides and if the courts decided it will be in favor of Trumps emergency declaration since the house failed to stopped it and National Emergency Act law passed by Congress allows it. And the $1billion from the Department Of Defense has been authorized to build 57 miles. The courts haven't tried to stop Trump from building the wall since 2017.

  • it all in you dream Reaper, the fact is only one billion is now available, you need to ask yourself these questions if your imaginary numbers are true, why only one billion is been reported in the medias? what happened to the other funding why are they not included in the report?.. ahaha. man stop imagining things reaper, wake up and smell the reality.LOL
  • @visafree, congress democrats made $4billion available in 2017 & 2018. $1billion from DOD because of President national emergency. Treasury Department and Homeland security and California rail line are also about to give their share in the billions to the wall.

    Here are the facts
    Trump is expecting to have $8 billion in total for the wall, including the money Congress approved as well as funds he is tapping from the Pentagon and other sources. Some of that money he can access only through the use of the national emergency

    This is not a imagination, its a reality. The Russian collusion investigation was and is a imagination. lol
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