Socialists-Democrats Green New Deal Failed To Become Law In Senate Vote

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The Senate voted on the Green New Deal today: 0 Yeas, 57 Nays, and 43 Senators voted Present. All 53 Republicans senator's voted not alonf with 4 Democrats voting NO and 43 And zero Democrats voted Yes.

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0 Democrats voted "YES" for the Green New Deal Today in the US Senate today. The Socialists in the Democrat party claimed that this Green New Deal will help fight global warming and Climate change but when it came time to vote on it NOT ONE SINGLE DEMOCRAT IN THE SENATE VOTED FOR IT.

Since 2018 Democrats talked about it. Claimed it was what the failed Blue wave wanted and claimed it will help stop climate change. But when it came time to vote on it no Democrats voted for it. It was all a lie from the beginning. Democrats used it to get votes to get elected to ffice, when they got into office and time to make the green new deal law the democrats didn't SUPPORT IT.

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It was all about getting elected for democrats and shows the fake Democrats concern about climate change.


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