MAGA! House Of Representatives Fail To Override Trump National Emergency To Build Wall

WINNING! The streak continues...Keep em rolling.


New York Times: House Fails to Override Trump’s Veto, Preserving National Emergency Order
WASHINGTON — The House on Tuesday failed to overturn President Trump’s first veto, leaving the declaration of a national emergency at the southwestern border intact despite the bipartisan passage of a resolution attempting to nullify the president’s circumvention of Congress to fund his border wall.

Despite concerns about the constitutional separation of powers and the effect of Mr. Trump’s move on local military projects, the 248-to-181 vote fell short of the two-thirds majority needed to kill the national emergency declaration.

Even with Democrats controlling the House they couldn't override the National Emergency to build the wall. So much for the so called blue wave.

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Blue wave? MAGA. lol
Plenty of wins in the past 5 days for Trump!


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