MAGA: US Trade Deficit See A Sharp 14.6% Drop Since Last Year

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Another Campaign Promise from President Trump is being delivered to the American people.

"The Era of the US being taken advantage of is Over!"
-President Donald J. Trump

Liberal MSNBC on March-27/2019: Trump administration/US efforts to cut trade deficit show biggest win in almost a year

"Exports rose to $207.3 billion, a $1.9 billion increase from December, while imports fell to $258.5 billion, off $6.8 billion. The goods deficit dropped 10 percent to $73.3 billion while the services surplus edged higher to $22.1 billion."

· The U.S. trade deficit fell much more expected in January to $51.15 billion, from a forecast $57 billion.

· The decline of 14.6 percent represented the sharpest drop since March 2018 and comes amid continued negotiations with China this week.
The trade deficit between the U.S. and its global partners dropped sharply in January to $51.15 billion as exports rebounded from a slowdown at the end of 2018, the Commerce Department reported Wednesday.

Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had forecast that the balance fell to $57 billion in January, from the $59.9 billion recorded the previous month.

The decline of 14.6 percent represented the sharpest drop since March 2018 and comes amid continued efforts by the Trump administration to level the playing field with China and other global partners


  • In your own words, you point to MSNBC but in the link you posted it's pointing to CNBC.. are you for real or what? ahahah full of shit!
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    @visafree, same both MSNBC and CNBC are owned by the same company. And yet CNBC says the same thing and that is Trade deficit have decreased under Trump by 14.6%

    MAGA doing what he said he would do. Fixing Obama's slow economy to booming one, lowest unemployment in US history in decade, winning the trade war and erasing Obama's failed legacy and building the wall.

  • don't know what you are talking about but the fact is, farmers across the nation are being hit hard with the trade war, record number of filed bankruptcy and these are the people who supported trump according to come experts, in the next two years the economy is head to recession, like always, republican president to create a economic recession for the third times in a row..
  • @visafree, don't know where you've been but the News is the US is winning the trade wars. Unemployment is down and economy is upnand deficit is down by 14.6%. Obama ans media said there would be a recession in 2017 but 2 years later the GDP is up, manufacturing jobs up by hundred thousands. No recession like failed President obama and media said would happen. lol

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