MICRONESIAN FORUM - A forum that was created to enable MICRONESIANS to raise their concerns on:

1. Micronesian Politics
2. Micronesian Religion Issues
3. Micronesian Concerns
4. Micronesian NEWS
5. Micronesian Engagements

So far I see all US US US US.........Hmmm


  • I think GND is a "Micronesian Concern" because it can create a transportation link problem--no more United Airlines-- between Micronesia and the US mainland. I could be wrong but that is why the issue is raised in this Forum; so that other people in the know can shed some lights on the matter.
  • More topics of Micronesia is a must.I totally agree.
  • It's been a while...

    Looking at the forum threads I begin to wonder if someone should just go ahead and change the name of this forum. To call it a "Micronesian Forum" is a bit of stretch. Hmmm... I wonder if there's an "American Forum" chock full of Micronesian political rhetoric out there somewhere?
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    Looking at these comments i wonder if someone should repeal freedom of speech since its soooo bad. The same people who advocate for diversity can't seem to accept that democracy guarantee diversity of opinions. Is micronesia as a whole communist or democracy? Only in left wing communist socialists countries diversity of opinions and freedom of speech not allowed. So much for progress.
  • All libtards are racist, Reaper.
  • Intolerant too.
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