Road Maintenance Fee

I sure am glad Pohnpei State is using my road maintenance fee to keep up the roads.
They're doing a fine job filling in the pot-holes.


  • LOL.........What maintenance? So Pohnpei State Legislature claimed when they passed the bill that the additional increase of Vehicle registration will go to that, but to date, the roads have been deteriorated worst.

    I wonder what are they saying now? It's campaign season again for the state so I believe that we should CHANGE ALL OF THE CURRENT SITTING MEMBERS with an exception of one or two.

    Just sad..........very sad.
  • I love the sarcasm.

    PAC, we need to change the members. I agree.
  • microsprings, you have my vote. No but seriously, this is a bad reflection of what they represent. They are showing us that there are no checks and balance in our system.

    So they passed a law increasing the vehicle registration, then who ensures that the funds collected goes to maintaining the roads? What entity in the state government monitors when and where and etc., this should be done?

    Now each one of our existing senators are going around bragging about how they lobbied each other to pass the recent COLA of $30.00. Give me a break.

    I hope they are reading this.
  • Whatever the case is, the public has the right to know.
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