"MICRONESIA" doesnt only mean the "FSM"

I believe that the fsm people should specifically called them FSMers. "micronesian" is a term that refers to the entire people living in the Micronesian regions.


  • So what is your point?

    Micronesia is the region FSM is a country in the region....We are micronesians and will forever be called micronesians.
  • You are assuming that we are better micronesians?
  • Whether you want to be referred to as Marshallese, Saipanese, Guamanian, Palauan, Pohnpeian, Chuukese, Yapese, Kosraean, Nauran or Tarawan.............WE ARE ALL MICRONESIAN.........Sad that some people think they are other than US.

  • maybe we should change it to " we are oceanian". and when ask, what ocean? each refer to the ocean each island ocean? the fact of this matter is, the big fat ocean belong to us and we call it our homes.
  • I believe its quite difficult to make changes with those names. They were made and called with reasons. So, the only best thing to do is for those who can not understand the difference is to learn and understand it.
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