Trump Ally Netanyahu Wins Reelection In Israel

Conservatives are winning all over the globe. Brazil, Italy, USA, and now Israel. ITS A SIGN OF WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN IN 2020. MAGA

From Reuters News: Israel's Netanyahu wins reelection with parliamentary majority: tally
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu secured a clear path to reelection on Wednesday, with religious-rightist parties set to hand him a parliamentary majority despite a close contest against his main centrist challenger, a vote tally showed.

With more than 97 percent of votes counted, Netanyahu's conservative Likud party looked likely to muster enough support to control 65 of the Knesset's 120 seats and be named to head the next coalition government - a record fifth term as premier.

The close and often vitriolic contest was widely seen in Israel as a referendum on Netanyahu's character and record in the face of corruption allegations. He faces possible indictment in three graft cases, and has denied wrongdoing in all of them.

Despite that, Netanyahu gained four seats compared to his outgoing coalition government, according to a spreadsheet published by the Central Elections Committee of parties that won enough votes to enter the next parliament.

"It is a night of colossal victory," the 69-year-old Netanyahu told cheering supporters in a late-night speech at Likud headquarters after Tuesday's vote.

"He's a magician," the crowd chanted as fireworks flared and Netanyahu kissed his wife Sara.

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange main indexes opened up 0.5 percent on Wednesday, showing confidence in a prime minister who has overseen a humming economy and restrained security challenges.

His challenger, the new Blue and White party of ex-general Benny Gantz, claimed a more modest victory after winning a 35-seat tie with Likud. Unless he reverses on campaign pledges to shun Netanyahu, and joins him in a future broad coalition, Gantz looked destined to lead a center-left parliamentary opposition.

"The skies may look overcast...but they cannot conceal the sun of hope that we have brought to the Israeli people and society," Gantz, 59, wrote in an open letter to supporters.


  • I thought he was a nazi? why is he helping the jews?
  • His party has majority in their version of Congress. Netanyahu will now return the favor and help trump win over the Jewish vote in the US. It will be hard but not that hard since anti Semitism is rampant within the Left. Jews have voted democrats since the last 30 decades but now i believe they are about to exit the left and go right. Exodus all over again.
  • I hope they take along visafree and the hamas Jew on the exodus. They have toiled and suffered too long for their elitist masters.
  • @z they won't accept visafree amongst themselves. They don't like gay people.
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