The Attorney general of the United States said to congress that "I think spying" took place against Trump in the 2016 Presidential election. What does it means? It means the Attorney General has evidences that Obama administration used the FBI and DOJ to spy on Trump. He said we have laws and rules in place that prohibits this kind of thing from happening but those laws were broken.

The US constitution and dozen of laws prohibit this thing but the Obama administration through the FBI and DOJ went ahead and do it anyways.

Here is the video which Attorney General Barr acknowledged that the last administration of Obama spied on Trump during the 2016 election.


  • it dose not make any sense for Bar to investigating the FBI, this guy is twisted in the mind, he don't know what he is thinking.. talking about need of shrink? this Bar is more the qualify..LOL I mean who is he going to hire to investigating the FBI?.. for what? ahahahaha
  • Hussein doesn't play by the rules. He over-rode the law in the name of social justice and political correctness.
  • stick to topic, you drunken whore.SMH!
  • DOJ has the constitutional mandated job of investigating the FBI and keeping it in check. That is why the FBI takes orders from the DOJ per the chain of command. And Congress also has the job of investigating the FBI. The Senate has that Job. And republicans control the Senate. Read the constitutional @visafree. read it. The inspector General office of the DOJ HAS the sole job of keeping the FBI in line. The internal affairs refers to a division of a law enforcement agency that investigates incidents and possible suspicions of law-breaking and professional misconduct attributed to officers on the force.
  • DOJ investigation it's own in the name of trump's own campaign is abnormal behavior by the AG, it's a disgrace to the whole DOj department, it is a total disrespect to the law enforcement community and It is a Flunky approach. hail to the flunky at the oval office.
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    What's disgraceful is Obama and Democrats using DOJ and FBI to spy on their opponents which is prohibited by the constitution. This is why the AG is investigating this @visafree, using information from Clinton to start a investigation on Trump is why. Pointing a FBI agent that wanted Hillary to win to lead the investigation is the reason.
  • AG Lorreta Lynch colluded with Bill Clinton during the FBI Investigations of his wife, on a tarmac in Arizona. That is how libtards think the DOJ should operate..... Nope. The DOJ should make sure all, including the FBI, are following the law.
  • The Trump's own AG BAR is lost at house committee hearing. he don't know what to think or say when questioned by the House committee about his comment on FBI spying on trump's campaign? what a joke this flunky is huh? ahaha
  • The FBI did spied on Trump and Barr can't comment on a ongoing investigation to find out who was behind the reason for the spying on Trump. Democrats in the house are shook. They know that Trump and the DOJ and Senate are about to open a criminal investigation on them.

  • FBI spying on Trump?. ahaha. that flunky trump? why would a Intelligent community wasting time an effort on an flunky Trump?. FBI don't take political sides, they spy only on foreign countries not on their own people?,,shooting from the hip, @ Reaper..ahaha
  • @visafree, Ask obama and democrats. Why did they politicized the FBI and DOJ to spy on Trump? They denied it in 2017 remember? They said they didn't spy. Later they said they used FISA to wiretap. Now Obama Official and former FBI director James Comey is saying he was following order. Who does he take orders from? Loretta Lynch who was AG under Obama.

    The trails lead back to Obama. Democrats in the house were shook when Barr said there was spying on Trump in 2016-2017. Now Barr is assembling a Team to investigate how it happen and how Obama was involved.

  • clearly you don't know how the government run, especially how a FISA works, all you saying is bunch of carp from flunky Fox news, THE FAKE NEWS!!
  • @visafree, The FISA courts were dubed by Obama's DOJ+FBI. They didn't diclose the source of their information for the FISA. They denied wiretaping Trump, then they say they did, then they say they didn't use Steele dossiee to get FISA, now they are saying they did. Too many lies and AG Barr and the inspector General are investigating it. Criminal investigation.

    tick tok tick tok tick tok....Barr Time.
  • Indeed they were. Hey visa the referral for those 8 obama administration officials have been sent to the Attorney General from the House intelligence committee yesterday. hahaha

    Nunes Sends Criminal Referrals Alleging 'Potential Violations' in Russia Probe

    Republican Congressman Devin Nunes has forwarded a criminal referral notification to U.S. Attorney General William Barr alleging several “potential violations” of the law perpetrated during the Russia investigation.

    The allegations Nunes is alerting the Department of Justice about were turned up during the time the GOP held the majority in the House.

    Nunes insisted that the review conducted by the House Intelligence Committee over the last two years found the “potential” violations.
  • The house intelligence committee has found potential violation of the law by obama officials.

  • Again I will repeat.. this is a plan to DISTRACT public view on the Muller's Report and Bar and Trump's unwilling to release it to public. a simple act of distraction by the distractor NUNES and BAR..LOL nice try though!//ahah
  • @visafree, its a separate case and mueller report will be repeased by the end of this month. Nunes has been working on this since 2017. lol

  • you can put it however you want to Reaper, but the fact remains, it's a plan to distract public view. Nothing more.. I told you to go back to English reading school, your reading skill sucks my friend..Re-read the article and make sure you understand it. before you even post another comment,ahaha
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    @visafree The distraction is over and they called it the Russian investigation. 2 years and nothing. No collusion and no obstruction.

    Criminal investigation has started against obama officials. Obama's former Whitehouse counsel has been indicted and he will turn against his former boss.

  • Just read the article my friend, it shows motives and the reasons the thing is, this is second hand and the primary hasn't come to near conclusion yet.. bottom line is.. all political moves to protect the President;'s criminal actions.. nothing more..LOL
  • @visafree, its over. Get over like you should also get over 2016. No collusion and no obstruction. Wait for the release of the report to cry. like 2016 all over again. lol

  • over? you are over and out of bound,. public still demand the report and until then it aint over yet my friend, public aint that blind and dumb...
  • @visafree, tik tok tik tok tik tok...Barr time...tik tok tik tok tik tok...Mueller report will be released...tik tok tik tok tik tok tik tok...Barr time.

  • ahahah. cheers my friend Reaper cheers! it Muller time!! ahah
  • When constituents re-elect a rep who thinks Guam may tip over, they are not the sharpest tool in the shed. Most democrats are dumb that's why oxford dictionary calls them "libtards".
  • wow, not making any sesnse at all, no matter how hard I tried. A complete nonsense at its best.LOL
  • @visafree, the Whitehouse is getting the Mueller report today. lol and in a few days the public. lol

  • The report is about white house why is he getting it? this a good example of how corrupt this administration is.. the Lawless mobster's rule the country,, very sad to much cover ups and corruptions going on..MAGA! LOL
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    @visafree, that's how the law and government works or maybe you don't know that. Release to the Whitehouse first then to the Congress like it always was according to the mobster rules of the US constitution.

  • No surprise at allimage
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