What have Democrats done with their majority in the House?

The question more and more Americans are beginning to ask is, What have Democrats done with their majority?....At this point in the last Congress that Republicans controlled the house the Republicans passed 141 bills out of committee and 132 out of the House. So what does the numbers say now about Democrats Majority?

By contrast, Democrats have passed 68 bills out of committee and 97 out of the House. Considerably fewer bills in this House with a Democrat majority than the one before with a Republican majority. Democrats have no major budget legislation because there is no budget.

We could spend 1/5th on the border but Democrats can't because too much infighting within the Democrat party right now. 2020 is 8 months away and Democrats haven't passed anything worth what they promised us last midterms.

Too much focusing on Trump and Trump and Trump. Democrats have the power of the purse yet haven't passed a budget because they are too focused on that Orange idiot. Democrats have majority in the House committees yet are wasting that majority to focus on Trump.

History will pass judgement and that judgement will be Democrats wasted 2 years of their majority on the House because of Trump.


  • This house is own by democrat by short period and yes they been working on lots of very important bills and resolution including the most important Obama care improvements. but the thing we need to understand there is great deal of resistance by the republicans including the President. until they take the senate and the presidency which there is good chance next election, things a going like you said, slowly but surely.
  • There are 235 Democrats and 197 Republicans in the House. Democrats can pass any bills they want without republicans because they have simple majority. Blaming this poor performance on Trump and Republicans is piss poor excuse. The reason Democrats haven't passed any major legislation or bills is because they themselfs are too divided.

  • They'd blame Trump rather than than actual problem--their incompetence and low IQ. These are people who think Guam may tip over.
  • Blaming Trump and Republicans for low turnouts from the house that Democrats control is stupid. The reason for the lack of Bills and turnouts and progress from the Democrats control House is simple. They are too focused on Trump.

    Democrats could pass a bill making Dreamers permanent but they don't. They could pass a Bill giving Healthcare for all but they don't. They could pass a bill making college free but they don't. They could pass the Green New Deal but they don't. They could pass a bill abolishing ICE and Border patrol but they don't. They could pass a bill reaffirming the Paris Climate deal but they don't. They could pass a bill to stop building the wall but they don't. They could pass a bill giving reputation to children of slaves but they don't. They could pass a bill to stop Trump from cutting aids to those 3 Latin American countries but they don't.

    They don't because Trump is on their mind 24/7. All those promises they made before taking over the house are not getting done. They are also divided. The socialist freshmen vs the Progressives. And its awesome. I hope they keep doing what they are doing till 2020. Trump and the GOP WILL TAKE THE HOUSE AGAIN.
  • you guy need to understand how the system work in order for a bill or resolution to become a law first, It takes times for a bill to become a law some times months, but like I said, and this is what happens, the House may have democrats majority but the senate is a republican majority, it is the senate republicans and the president who is the last person to sign to make a bill become a law who are resisting bill to pass for political reasons.. this how the system works.. and only few months the democrats took over the house. do the math and you shall understand.
  • Blaming the lack of Bill passed by the Democrat controlled House is Bwebwe as we way here in RMI. lol
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