MAGA: Transgender Military Ban Goes Into Effect!

Another one of the failed President legacy has been taken off the board. Socialial experiments have no place in the US military. Its a privilege to Serve not a right.


  • Michael aka Michelle won't be happy.
  • Wait a moment: wasnt Trump pro LGBT movement? Or did I miss something?image
  • This ain't nothing about LGBT is about keep the military sharp and prepared and its about saving lifes. Guess which group has the highest suicide rate in the U.S Military? Its the transgenders. They have the highest suicide rate in the entire US military. This does not ban gays or bisexuals or lesbians. Don't ask don't tell was repealed by Obama. And now Gays and Lesbians and Bisexuals can serve openly in the military.

    The military don't accept recruits who have mental illnesses. Transgenders fall into that category according to the psychiatric association of america. Its also has something to do with the US military policy of "Deploy or Get Out". Transgenders also don't meet the criteria of this policy. Its about saving their lifes and the lifes of our brave men and women in the US Military.

    You want social experiments join the Peace Corps.
  • A Micronesian government tried to pass a similar law for their government but too many libtards and democrats don't know the difference between the trannies and the rest of the alphabets lgbtq.
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