If one was to give up FSM citizenship, can he get it back in the future?

Currently a dual US/FSM citizen but currently obtaining a security clearance and for that reason, I must give up my FSM citizenship. Can I ever get it back again?


  • I'm sure you can, by giving up your US citizenship, it's as simple like the paw shop, you can always go back and claim back what was yours by re- paying back the money you traded with.. that's how I see it.
  • To my knowledge the FSM doesn't allow dual citizenship so I'm unsure how you ended up in a situation where you have both passports (unless you're relatively young).

    I suggest you ask the FSM Department of Justice at (691) 320-2608 what the process for repatriation looks like. They'll be able to give you a concrete answer.
  • Once you renounce your FSM Citizenship, you will lose your right to own land or vote in the FSM. If these are not very important to you in your life, if there are other family members who are FSM born and can keep your lands for you, then go ahead and renounce your FSM Citizenship.
  • How can you have both citizenships?? image
  • You don’t need to know how I have it. That’s not part of the question.
  • If you were documented as being born in Micronesia to Micronesian parents. Absolutely. Get your security clearance and defend the free world and Micronesia. Thank you for your service.
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