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The Mueller report was released TODAY and the Report repeat the same thing Attorney General Barr said a Week ago. Mueller investigation couldn't find collusion or fund sufficient evidence to prosecute on obstruction on President Donald J. Trump.....MAGA


FROM CNN: In the report, special counsel Robert Mueller outlined why obstruction by President Trump failed. It failed because others refused to "carry out orders."
"The President's efforts to influence the investigation were mostly unsuccessful, but that is largely because the persons who surrounded the President declined to carry out orders or accede to his requests," the report said.
See it for yourself

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  • What did i say i 2017? What did i say? told You guys Mueller will find no collusion. I was laughed at and ridiculed by that soy boy 1/2000 of a jew @SaremChuuk and his huckleberry @FactsMatters that i was racist for predicting this outcome.

    I knew from the get go this will find nothing. I said it 2 years ago in this forum. Damn it feels good to be proven right. I said Mueller will no collusion and that Democrats will move the goal post to obstruction when it appears mueller has nothing and they did move the goal post to obstruction and i also predicted no obstruction will be found. And my boy Mueller reports says the same exact thing.

    Now Trump has nothing stopping him from fulfilling all his promises. The investigation was the reason for that and now its done its full speed ahead. And i can say this with absolute certainty that he will be Reelected.
  • Democrats House Majority leader: Impeachment not worthwhile after Seeing and reading Mueller report!

    House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said Thursday that nothing he saw in special counsel Robert Mueller's report would make seeking to impeach President Trump a "worthwhile" effort "at this point."

    Hoyer made the remarks to CNN's Dana Bash following the Justice Department's release of Mueller's partially redacted findings in his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

    "Based on what we have seen to date, going forward on impeachment is not worthwhile at this point," Hoyer told CNN. "Very frankly, there is an election in 18 months and the American people will make a judgement."

    That's all she wrote folks. MAGA
  • Still yet, it show the president was attempting to commit obstruction justice, it is his behavior count the most in the of the public view, he had the motive and the desire, his own behavior is a complete disregard of the oath of the office makes him as guilt as all his aids who have found guilty as charged.. plain and clear in the eyes of the public.
  • In the interest of public information dissemination you can find the Mueller report here: https://www.justice.gov/storage/report.pdf

    With respect, Reaper et al., I'd recommend reading the report in full before reading what the media or any other party says. You may find that your contemporary conclusions change.
  • hell yeah!! finally ,
  • I can sense Mueller's sadness in this report. The facts were against him and his theories. lmao!
  • @visafree, Mueller report showed that no obstruction of justice took place. lol read it and weep.

    @RichardAndrewClark, i have read it. Report Summary is as this: No Collusion between Trump and Russia and insufficient evidence to prosecute on Obstruction of justice.

    We were lead on a wild goose chase where democrats were chasing their own tail and seeing Russia Russia Russia everywhere. Trump was right liberals and their media were wrong and they can't admit it.

  • 2 years of chasing ghosts and being fed lies by Democrats and The media and 35 million dollars wasted on this and this is what we got. Nothing. Only a super idiot would believe that the Mueller report has a chance of impeaching Trump for obstruction or collusion. In short term, Mueller found nothing.
  • Reaper you need to read, and don't take advice from Flunky Barr's summary, Barr already flipped on his stand with that summary so don't be a fool and take advice from the flunky Barr, the hunt still on and there is no stop until the full report is revealed. only flunkies can move on but not the majority.
  • More importantly than "Russian Bots" on Facebook, Crimea and American uranium are now Putin's -- Thanks to then FBI Director Mueller and the Democrats whose watch those atrocities occurred under. Shame!
  • @visafree, get over it. Its over like 2016. Y'all lost. Mueller report: No Collusion and insufficient evidence to prove obstruction.

    Deal with it.
  • muller's report.. " collusion" has no meaning in the report. it's a flunky term used by flunkies ..
  • "insufficient evident to prove obstruction" is flunky Barrs own word and not in Muller's report"..
  • Flunky means man servant. Thank you for recognizing that the Attorney General Barr is a loyal public servant. He doesn't give the Mexican cartel guns to kill US border officers, like Obama's AG, Eric Holder, did. Barr doesn't collude with Clintons during their FBI investigations, like AG Loretta Lynch, another crook whose last name reminds us of what a Democrat mob did to their Black slaves.
  • @visafree, collusion is the term the democrats and mainstream media used to push their now debunked conspiracy theory.

    Get ready GOP and Trump are now investigating how this entire thing started.
  • Barr supposed to be for the people, butr he chose to be not, the people's party, the democrats asked for the full report to be released, he say no but chose to be loyal to the crooked president, and the report it's self revealed Barr to have misled the people with hi own report and his own press conference before he finally released the report, so all in all Barr is a disgrace to the DOJ . a total flunky
  • Reaper, collusion is a term used by you and Trump all these times, btw, the President, the republicans are silent, none of them has say a single thing after the report made public , lets not kid ourselves, the thing to get ready for is the unredacted report and why Barr again think the president is above the law?
  • @visafree, wrong. Its over the Report has been released. And like Barr said. If Democrats want the full report they should change the laws that prevents the DOJ from releasing the full report. Who controls the House? Democrats. And if Democrats wanted the full report they would have changed the laws.

    @visafree,COLLUSION is a term coined by Democrats and their mainstream media. Here ARE EXAMPLES OFCNN PUSHING THE COLLUSION NARRATIVE.


    2. image


    @visafree, The GOP is quiet because they have nothing more to say on the fake russian investigation. They are now busy investigating the last President and his officials and the laws he broke.....Barr time.
  • ahaha, Barr the overboard AG gone down in history along with the flunky president
  • @visafree, not bad for 2 flunkies right. One is a AG and the other beat Hillary in 2016.

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