Here is a video from CNN regarding the sole remaining Trump nominee to the Federal Reserve (Herman Cain just having quit trying):



  • Another make up news made up by the fake Jew @SaremChuuk. Trumps policies are like Nazi germany.

    Free healthcare was a Nazi policy. Democrats want that. Nazi took away guns. Democrats want to take away the right to bear arms. Nazis hated Jews and were anti Semitic. Democrats party is elected 2 anti Semitic to Congress and refused to condemn anti Semitism from Omar. Nazis tried to wipe out Jews. Trump recognize israel as the Jewish capital. Nazi's enacted policies of putting Jews in concentration camps. A democrat President put Japanese Americans in Concentration camps in world war 2. Nazis enacted a policy of a centralize state. Democrats want a centralized state.

    Need I go on?
  • You didn't watch the video, did you Stinky pants?
  • Why watch it when i know its full of misconstrued and full of a narrative that is not factual?

    Last time i watched cartoons was when i was 15. That was 17 years ago.

    @SaremChuuk, enlightened us on how Trump policies mirror that of the alt left liberals the Nazis? go on tell us. The floor is yours.
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