Breaking News: Pelosi pushes Democrats not to impeach Trump after Mueller report

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There goes that train to nowhere and its going going going to nowhere.



  • I almost feel sorry for Nasty Pelosi. It must be difficult leading a bunch of communists and pro-Hamas extremists.
  • Yes, communists and white-supremacist presidents who love them. lol
  • @FactsMatters

    Putin: Remember when i started meddling in US election in 2014 and you didn't do nothing?

    Obama: Yes, i do i do. And now I'm going to shift the blame to Trump


    He praised Communist dictator fidel castro when he died and also embraced Fields little brother who became the next dictator after Fidel. 2 liberal socialists are 2 peas in a pot.
  • back to the old tactic of posting nonsense.. impeachment on the table and discussion is going on, is what going on..
  • @visafree, yes that FactsMatters does post lots of nonsense in here.
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