Israel Will Name A Town In The Jewish State, Trump, In Honor Of U.S President Trump

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Israel, the homeland and state of the Jewish people will name a town in the Golan Heights region after Trump in Honor of The US President. According to the elected Jewish Prime minister, This is to show the world that the Jewish people have no better friend than the Current US President.

Why are Jews naming a town after a man the Democrats and the liberal media are calling a Nazi? @SaremChuuk @redsnapper @FactsMatters @errr @visafree @IronYouth @SakaSaka


  • No need to educate the libtards, Reaper. To this day they have no clue who Donald Trump is. They don't know how he beat them and will continue to beat them at every issue including the upcoming 2020 election. Let them live in their fake news world. lol
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