The New President and Vice President of the FSM.

Any news about this development? I know the Vice-President made it back and not the President. Anyone, Anything?


  • the climax 13th, congress caucus on 13th, only two weeks and you'll know....but mostly in here is about discussions leading to that climax.
  • So it's reported a moment ago on this Saturday morning that Senator Panuelo was chosen as the new FSM President.
  • Changement is what is neededimage
  • President David W. Panuelo, Vice President Yosiwo P. George, Speaker Wesley W. Simina, Vice Speaker Esmond B. Moses, Floor Leader Florencio Singkoro Harper.

  • Congratulations to the new FSM Leaders 2019
    President- David W. Panuelo
    Vice President- Yosiwo P. George
    Speaker - Wesley W. Simina
    Vice Speaker - Esmond B.Moses
    Floor Leader - Singkoro Harper and All the Standing Committees Chair and Vice Chair. May the Lord bless and guide you all!

    Kepwan Efich
    Kepwan Oput
  • So a lot of people thought it would be George or Simina then it turns up Panuelo. Does anybody have the inside information on the thinking and the strategies that resulted in the Panuelo ascension? Nothing negative against Panuelo but just some commentaries so we can kind of anticipate what the future--the next 4 years leading to 2023--are expected to be like. Just curious!
  • I had hoped George would be our next president. My two cents on the ascension is just to open up a slot for Pete to get back in.
  • Thanks but there had to be other reasons. If Panuelo became VP, his congressional seat would open; and Pete would have an opportunity to try then to "get back in".
  • No other Pohnpeians qualified for the 4-year seat? Where are those Kitti people that piled up for the 2-year seat. Your turn to run for 4-year. There has to be some smart person that cares about Pohnpei.
  • micro, I think this is the best time for you to throw your hat in the ring. From the impression I get in all of your posts in this Forum, you come thru as logical, aware of political matters; and have a good command of the laws--state as well as the FSM. That kind of experience will help the Pohnpei delegation in providing its contribution to the betterment of the FSM in addition to the Pohnpei constituents. I would say that your time has come; don't let it pass or else you're going to regret it the rest of your life. As they say, it's better to try and fail than fail to try.
  • With google, anyone can sound smart on any forum. Also, we all mask our identities on this forum so it would be not correct to gauge anyone's knowledge here. But I can assure you that I care about Pohnpei. I am engaged in high-level private sector work that I must continue for another 10 years before I can even think about anything outside my field. Otherwise, I know at least five Pohnpeians that can run for the 4-year seat. I really hope that at least two of them can throw their names in at this opportune time.
  • Microsprings,
    Whom might those 5 people you have in mind? Why don't you throw their names in the forum so we can see who fits?
  • Smart people that love Pohnpei: 1. Reed Oliver; 2. Dionis Saimon. I will stop here for now. Either man will be better than all names mentioned for 4-year for the entire Pohnpei. I know both men personally and I respect their love care. Experience is something that they each will learn fast. Oliver will be good for 4-year while Saimon will be best for Governor is Peterson has lost his popularity.
  • Now that we have digested the result of the vacancies of the oval office, It's time for us to move on. As for the vacant position left by President David W. Panuelo, President Peter M. Christian will be the best Candidate. Other Candidates would want to introduce themselves but, I am quiet positive that President Christian would make it back.
  • I CANNOT stress enough my deep disappointment in Congress on how it conducted its business, what a f**@n joke! Putting sloppy "happy go-lucky" Panuelo in place. I regretted this whole thing, now I know Kosrae's chance will never come true during my lifetime!
  • Oalong,
    I think we should start pushing in the younger generation in the system. We've been recycling leaders and what have we gotten from them, nothing. Look at Congressman Perman and Moses?

    You can see the fruits of their labor vs the folks that was in? We need people with action or results driven individuals.

    My two cents

    You maybe be right but we still need the folks that has been there all these years because of their God given knowledge and Wisdom developed over the years through hard work and experience especially very few individuals such as President Peter M. Christian who had proven his Leadership Qualities. Yes, we need the younger generation but only a selected few (Perman & Moses) that had demonstrated themselves. It's good to have them there. Now that they are there, we need to think about our tradition/cultures/Customs that is equally important and we need representatives who are well versed in all areas. Again, President Peter M. Christian is the Man.
  • An Executive branch without an experienced point man will find that the Legislative branch will begin to encroach on the responsibilities of the Executive Branch; and could lead to the dilution of the concept of "check and balance" in the way the Constitution was designed to provide. Flexibility or malleability become one and the same.

    Or, perhaps, and let's hope that, the second in command will be able to help steer the Executive branch to maintain its independent executive functions and not allow the legislators to usurp the powers of the Executive branch. That some legislation, especially, the pork types of legislation could be vetoed--if the Administration finds worthy of presidential veto. So, we'll see. But what do I know!

  • Fernando Scaliem will be the best candidate for the
    al-large seat for Pohnpei State.

    Kepwan Efich
    Kepwan Oput
  • Oalong,
    I think we both can agree that we need the influential leadership skills of Mr. Christian, but we need to get people like you in the system at the two year level as well so the people of ED2.

    I think you should go in for the November elections. You have my vote.
  • any names to head the departments/offices?
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