Rabbi vs. Bible Jerusalem temple location

By studying the Bible, we come to realize that it was the Romans' Antonia Fortress, which was located at the top of the Temple Mount, and the Temple in Jerusalem was situated lower on the side of the mountain.


  • Jeru-Salem literally translates from ancient Sumerian into English as "The Place of God". And Salem was an ancient Sumerian Demon God which was worshiped and venerated by many people in this area for centuries. The Jebusites (a Biblical People), knew Salem as the "God of the Setting Sun".
  • The devil has many names. In the book of Macabees, Antiochus defiled the temple mount and erected a statue of Zeus. Then the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and erected the statue of Jupiter in its place. Today, this image is seen on the Dome of the Rock. image
  • Wow! It really does look like the Devil's face! No wait a minute! It looks more like the face of a RABBI!
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    That's a muslim building. Rabbis are not allowed there.

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    Apparently the democrats have turned Coconuts into another anti-Semite, like the rest of them socialists. Notice the hatred of rabbis in her comment. Someone please read her the Bible, before she goes full-fledge Nazi.
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