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Greetings my fellow island kinsmen.Hope that everyone is doing well.I have several questions to ask regarding our seafaring tradition.As everyone know we natives of Micronesia still hold onto this ancient art.It is more than just riding the waves under the day or night skies.So much can be said about it.Being inspired by two legendary sea masters Mau Piailug/Korent Joel,I've begun writing a book about them with our way finding culture in addition.To preserve all before this sacred treasure is lost through time.To make foreigners realize that this is actually our tradition and not exclusively belonging to the Polynesian people(No hate).For wider recognition.So fourth.

Now.I've already studied greatly on the Marshallese seafering culture and am going to embark on a journey to learn more from Alson Kelen(Director of Waan Aeoleng Kain) the student taught by Korent Joel himself.This aside.I need to learn about Yapese/Satawalen navigation.
[My questions]:

•Where can I learn Yapese/Satawalen seafering?

•Can their Taboo be easily crossed as I've done with the Marshallese counter part?(There's already a school in Rmi who are open to teach those interested as taboo(Emo) have been lifted by chiefs.Still extensive requirements needs to be met before actually being taught there.S#%t you not it wasn't easy for me at first.)

•Mau Piailug sons were taught navigation by their father growing up .which later in life established a seafaring school somewhere in FSM this true? Where can I go to learn?
----------------------------------------------------It has been my life's dream to learn such tradition.Since our ancestors created such genius.Best i can do is to preserve what was bestowed upon us descendants.ANYONE with certain details please don't hesitate to contact me through Pm.Will greatly be appreciated.Kommol Tata/Thank you very much.


  • Current research-Master Mau had many children among them are Tony Piailug whom Learned many navigation techniques from his father way before his death and the Hawaiian/Polynesian renaissance.

    So now I must search for this Man to learn Yapese/Satawalen Navigation.My hunt begins....
  • In your other thread, you said you were enrolled at Stanford aspiring for a degree in aeronautical engineering, yet here you are seeking for Micronesian canoe navigators. Is it safe to assume you are planning on a voyage to the moon?
  • Gosh darn it you conspiracy theorists are always smack dab right about certain things.I admit yes.I've been sent by the RMI government to find the secrets of ancient Yapese navigation for preservation purposes to soon build futuristic canoe rockets for space exploration.Well as placing military space facilities above overwatching our planet.We are secretly working closely with China and Russia.For an evil plan to bring down Trump's America.Doom is coming.


    That nonsense aside.I'm simply interested in learning the navigation of Micronesia.Two major sea dogs in our region are the Yapese&Marshallese with one which I've already learned greatly about.It's the Yapese that I'm aiming to learn from.By doing all of this I'll also preserve its ways so it wouldn't Vanish in time.Isnt that What Mau Piailug wanted? For the younger Micronesians not forgetting their cultural roots.To give back I for one see it as a tribute deed for Papa Mau along with our ancestors.Not such a bad act wouldn't you all say?.
  • Just ignore the trolls and continue your important work, MrNobody.

    Micro needs ya.
  • a GPS is all you need.
  • Rastaman lol indeed but what about romanticism?image
  • You want Romanticism go Netflix and chill or read some Nora Roberts book. Its hard to woo a women now days with celestial Knowledge.
  • @FactsMatter,I'm going to ignore anything they have to say.None of their nonsense affects the work.My preservation of Micronesian navigation has already begun.Thoughts of further documenting other of our traditions is on my mind.As it progresses they'll be preserved as well.
  • @Rastaman,Modern GPS isn't all that accurate.Whereas the culture of wayfinding has proven through history how complex and unique it is.Many societies has their own.

  • MrNobod905: Traditional navigation is not as accurate as one would think. It is based on dead reckoning and estimates with a lot of balls.
  • what do you know about balls, Juliet?
  • "Balls" is metaphor for guts. Women have guts also. Don't be a simpleton.
  • Do you usually answer for women, Microspring?
  • Beta males always do, z.
  • @Juliet/Welp.Dead reckoning along with possession of massive Dino sized balls managed to let Austronesian seaferes conquer the entire pacific.Although I'm certain that I didn't say it was accurate.Just how unique and complex it is.
  • imageAll the best to you!!
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