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Yap attack on PIT correspondent rejected by its legislature
May 1, 2019


By Brice Lloyd

Pacific Island Times Yap-based correspondent Joyce McClure won't be kicked off the island as "persona non grata" as demanded as demanded by a body of traditional chiefs there. And questions are being raised about the legitimacy of the letter conveying the chiefly demands to the Yap State Legislature and then on to the Federated States of Micronesia Congress.

On March 29 a letter was hand delivered to Vincent Figir, former governor and current Speaker of the Yap State Legislature, by the Council of Pilung, one of two councils in Yap whose members are traditional chiefs. The COP has ten members, one for each municipality in the four contiguous islands that make up the mainland and is charged in the state constitution with performing “functions which concern tradition and custom.”

Signed by nine of the 10 members, the letter called for the Speaker’s support in “requesting to the FSM Congress the granting of a persona non grata against this particular american citizen.” The citizen, a resident of Yap for nearly three years, is Joyce McClure, a marketing consultant and freelance writer who provides news and travel articles about Yap to the Pacific Island Times and other regional and international media. A list of reasons was headed “Unethical Journalistic Behaviour.”

Similar letters were delivered to Yap Gov. Henry Falan and Yap State Congressman Joseph Urusemal.

The letter was posted on Facebook the following week and picked up by media from Guam, Australia and New Zealand all of which called for freedom of the press and supported McClure. Comments to the Facebook post also supported McClure and some called for the elimination of the COP or, at a minimum, that their attention be concentrated on “culture and traditions” as the law states.

Speaker Figir sent the letter to Senator Theodore Rutun who chairs the Committee for Government Health & Welfare and it, in turn, decided to submit it to the Council of the Whole which is comprised of the state’s ten senators meeting under relaxed rules. On April 30, the COW met to discuss the letter and determine what, if anything should be done with it.

The COW found that the request from the council asking for the Legislature’s support was out of line and that they have no jurisdiction over the subject matter. The accusations, they determined, had no basis in the first place. It was also noted that different font sizes and typefaces were used in the letter, indicating a high probability of plagiarism. A member of the COW was appointed to respectively convey the message of its rejection back to the chiefs.

“It is with great humbleness and gratitude that I thank the committee for their decision,” said McClure upon hearing the news. “But I am saddened that the council was embarrassed by the letter. It is reported by several people who hold positions of high authority within the legislative and administrative branches of the Yap State Government that the council was used by others who, remaining in the shadows, wrote the letter and got the council members to sign it. I hope the council brings them to task for their unconscionable actions that publicly embarrassed the many wonderful people of Yap whom I consider my friends, neighbors and family.”


  • @ poster of this .. when you say " our correspondent" I suspect you are also a correspondent, right?.. The people of Yap have all the rights to kicked anybody from their Islands, why is the FSM leaders ignoring the people's rights?>
  • Kudos to the Yap government for defending free speech and freedom of the press.
  • When did socialist and far leftist like factsmatter cared about freedom of speech?

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  • I mean they have the right to kick anybody out if that person's behavior disrespect their traditional custom, so I'm only assuming that the council of chief found this person guilty as charged, otherwise, only if the list of allegations were revealed to this forum, we can have a converse about thius very interesting development.. in FSM of Yap State
  • She reported on how Chinese businessmen have bribed certain Yap chiefs to sell land to them.
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    Gallup Poll: More Democrats prefer Socialism over Democracy-Capitalism.
    Socialists Have Officially Taken Over The Democratic Party
    A new poll shows that far more Democrats have a positive view of socialism than of capitalism. This is bad news for Democrats, and worse news for the country as a whole.

    We have been documenting the Democratic Party's drift to the fringe left for many years. New polling data from Gallup show that its transformation into a far-left socialist party is more or less complete.

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    But among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents? Fully 57% say they have a positive view of socialism, while just 47% have a positive view of capitalism.
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  • Chinese businessmen did not bribe them, they paid for their land by leasing it. And besides, this qualifies as "economic development" does it not?

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  • Yap is having serious second thoughts about Chinese tourism
    January 26, 2018 By Joyce McClure

    Mysterious Chinese investor Deng Hong is out of prison and back to making plans for the island
    The land on which Yap's Village View Resort sits was leased by its owners to ETG a few years ago. Today, the property is littered with trash and debris and the buildings that were damaged in a storm prior to the lease agreement continue to deteriorate. Families use the beach-side location for picnics but it is not being maintained by the Chinese developer and the landowners have no rights to the property according to the 99-year lease. (Photos: Joyce McClure)

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  • This large scale economic development project for Yap will help to offset the 20% annual decrement in Compact 2 funding. All the anti-Chinese sentiment, at least most of it, according to my Yapese friends, are instigated by non-native Yapese or Micronesians.

    First, you tell our country that we need to work harder to offset the 20% annual decrement in Compact 2 funding, and when the Yapese come up with a large scale economic development project, they get ridiculed and discouraged on the account of just doing business with a Chinese company.

    I am confused because I thought that the rationalization behind the 20% decrement in annual Compact 2 funding was so that the States and FSM can be motivated to pursue economic development on its own. And now when Yap goes about trying to develop tourism, they are told that it is bad.

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