Democrat Rep.Ilhan Omar Blames America For Venezuela Crisis

According to Socialist Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar the US is to blame for the riots and uprising in Venezuela against the Dictatorial Socialist government of Maduro. Maduro lost the election and refused to step down and the people of Venezuela rose up against his communist regime. Maduro has killed thousands of Venezuelan citizens and imprisoned thousands of other citizens and political opponents. But according to the socialist Democrat Omar, the US is to blame for the people rioting and protesting against Maduro because they want him out and want Democracy over socialism.

Venezuela is a ally of Russia and Russia has send troops to Venezuela to keep Maduros socialists in power. Thousands have died from starvation and another thousands more killed by Maduros secret police all because they want Democracy. Yet according to Omar the US is to blame.

Omar is defending a Communist regime and Russia killing Venezuelans yet blame America because Venezuelan have had enough of socialism. These are the same people who accused Trump of being a Russian puppet.

We a living in scary times folks. They call themselves Democrats yet they are defending Communists and dictators. They call this progress. The Democrat party has went far left. Socialism brought us the Nazis and Stalin.
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