GOP Senator: Democrats & Media Sold US ALL A PUNCH OF BULLSHIT ON COLLUSION!^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1123702064520073217&ref_url=

Republican Senator Grassley was asked by a CNN journalist after Attorney General Barr's Testimony Yesterday in the Senate, he was asked if Barr lied and this is how it goes.

CNN Journalist asked a question in a way that framed Attorney General Barr as a liar.

(This is Sen.Grassley' Answer)

Sen.Grassley: The Democrats and you folks in the media, are not concerned about the Mueller Report, you guys are concerned about the results are not what you guys expected (No collusion or obstruction). I think you guys are finding out that everybody were sold a punch of snake oil (A polite way of sying Bullshit by Democrats and the Media).


  • I Concur with the senator. Democrats demanded the report now they got and now they don't care about it. Because it says the opposite of what they lied about.
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