Liberal New York Times Finally Admits Obama/FBI SPIED ON TRUMP CAMPAIGN

Remember when Trump told everyone that hid campaign was spied upon by the FBI and Obama administration? The media and Democrats all called him a liar. Democrats and the media said there was no proof of this. Yesterday on 5/2/2019 the liberal New York Times ran a investigative report that detailed how the FBI and Obama administration spied on Trump campaign before and after the 2016 election....Funny part is the NYT was amongst the media that said There was no spying on Trump or his campaign by Obama or his administration or by the Obama led FBI.


  • Update on this...Obama's FBI appointee James Comey now acknowledge that Obama's administration through the FBI SPIED on Trump campaign...Funny now he admits it but before he said no spying happened.

    How convenient, He is now defending something that he said never took 1 year ago!
    Comey defends FBI's investigation in response to NYT 'spying' report
    Former FBI Director James Comey on Friday defended the bureau actions alleged a day earlier that an informant portrayed a research assistant in order to investigate a Trump foreign policy adviser in 2016.

    In a lengthy interview with a Los Angeles radio station, Charles Feldman mentioned the New York Times report and asked Comey about Trump supporters' reaction to it.
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