Scientific breakthrough that could lead to recycleable plastics--good news for environment

It's recently reported that Berkeley Lab scientists have demonstrated a breakthrough regarding possible ways to make plastics to have chemical properties that will make them possible to be recycled.

Currently, hundreds of tons of plastics are stored away in dumps and storage places since they can not be degraded by nature or recycled. We hear the news about plastics have been found inside stomach of sharks; and are found all over the ocean throughout the world--creating problem with the environment.

A byproduct of petroleum, plastics are made of molecules (polymers) that are composed of monomers. The problem is once chemicals are added, the monomers bind to the chemicals and make the plastics not possible to reprocess for recycling.

The Berkeley Lab scientists have found a way; so that it will be possible for plastics to be recycled. I say this is a good news for the environment; for the fishing industries; for the oceans. And those of us living in the islands and want to protect our oceans, this is a great news. Hopefully, they'll be able to take this scientific findings to the production process sooner rather than later.


  • Great news indeed! I hope it soon replaces the toxic plastics we use now.
  • Not so fake news!.Amazing post Marc.Thank you.

    This will lead the way for a greater green world.Eventually they'll be another breakthrough on how to get rid of those microscopic plastics floating around our oceans.I remember this one article from couple of years back,In Japan scientists there found a new specie of worm that can devour plastic.However only for a certain type not all.Can't remember much on it i'll have to look it up to be sure...
  • A car toon (hahaha ) explain it.
  • Glad you like it, Rasta. Too bad you don't understand it. lol
  • Rasta its called plastic warming. The cousin of global warming and both related to collusion delusion warming. Don't you get it.
  • Maybe you can both understand a photo.....if your Trumpetized brains still work. image
  • Double duh. image
  • Bleeding hearts win no wars. Never have. Young mellenians especially those on the left are the #1 consumers in America. Either its plastic or car that burn gas they are the #1 consumers. So you are preaching to the quire.

    The top 10 companies that produce artifical plants (Plastic) in the world are in California. When you liberals shut down those companies maybe we will take your fake concerns more seriously.

    Until then we don't want that fake concern about plastics. The democrats headquarter state of California is home to the leading manufacturer of plastic in the world.

    No different than a Tobbaco salesman who worries about cancer but has 10 stores that sell cigarettes and as the audacity to preach about the bad side of smoking.

    That is what you are @FactsMatter, hahaha
  • Lol @ Rastaman's "So you are preaching to the quire."

    Quire? Is that how a pothead spells 'choir?'

    Thanks for the laughs, Rasta.
  • U get my point nonetheless. CBD oil hitting the spot. Smoke some factsmatter and see if it open your or burst that bubble of hypocrisy that you surround yourself in. Its ok to tall about plastic and its effects on the world but its another to shut the reality that the 10 major manufacturers of platic in the world are all based in Liberal controlled California. And also the top plastic making companies are major donors to the Democrat party.

    I welcome this kind of discussion. But when you are ignoring the source of the problem there can be no solution to your problem. Smoke some cannabis oil and analyze the problem.

    We don't need that fake concern. We have enough of it as it is from Democrats.
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