Scientific breakthrough that could lead to recycleable plastics--good news for environment

It's recently reported that Berkeley Lab scientists have demonstrated a breakthrough regarding possible ways to make plastics to have chemical properties that will make them possible to be recycled.

Currently, hundreds of tons of plastics are stored away in dumps and storage places since they can not be degraded by nature or recycled. We hear the news about plastics have been found inside stomach of sharks; and are found all over the ocean throughout the world--creating problem with the environment.

A byproduct of petroleum, plastics are made of molecules (polymers) that are composed of monomers. The problem is once chemicals are added, the monomers bind to the chemicals and make the plastics not possible to reprocess for recycling.

The Berkeley Lab scientists have found a way; so that it will be possible for plastics to be recycled. I say this is a good news for the environment; for the fishing industries; for the oceans. And those of us living in the islands and want to protect our oceans, this is a great news. Hopefully, they'll be able to take this scientific findings to the production process sooner rather than later.


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