The Jewish-Hebrew Bible proves Jesus is the Messiah

The Jewish-Hebrew Bible proves Jesus is the Messiah.


  • How is this related to Micronesian forum?
  • Do we need a prove?image
  • We now have proof Standford comprises of at least one libtard. Most Micronesians are Christian, dumb ass. Don't feel discouraged, a dumb ass is an honorary mascot of the Democrat Party.
  • @Z/Was that towards me? As a religious person you're giving quite a fine example of representing the faith.Calling an engineering student a d-a#% attending one of the country's best brother most Micronesians are christians.Whats wrong with the few who isn't? Christianity itself is already dying out why should individuals like myself care to linger about?.Democrats have a mixture of intelligence and stupidity.As I've said on a previous discussion I'm distancing myself from politics.Both sides needs to get their stuff together..

    By history we Micronesians had our religions wayyyy before Christianity came into our societies.(Just putting this out there.)
  • MrNobody905, just ignore the Trumptroll. He's a very unhappy person looking for attention. Ignore him and he will eventually go back down the hole he lives in.
  • "Christianity is already dying out" said the Stanford libtard. It's important that your parents and Micronesian leaders know how you are being indoctrinated there by socialists democrats.
  • z: Does your mother know what you believe? Does she know you have become a fascist? Judge not, lest ye be judged by the same standard.

    Where did you become indoctrinated, z? US Army? Certainly not in a small church in Micronesia.
  • Hitler was a socialist. Last i checked thats part of the left wing political spectrum.

    Fascism, Socialism & Communist comes from the left.

    Don't be fooled by these left wingers.
  • Nice try, Grim Reaper, but as even minimally-educated people know, communism and fascism are polar opposites. Educate yourself.

  • My mother knows my Christian beliefs. She also knows that I hate fascism and socialism. We believe Micronesia is a Christian region. What is your belief, Sarem Chuuk, the pro-Hamas Jew? Why do you support paganism and secularism in Micronesia, a Christian region?
  • Wikipedia: Left-wing fascism and left fascism are sociological and philosophical terms used to categorize tendencies in left-wing politics otherwise commonly attributed to the ideology of fascism.

    Here is quote from a speech from the world most famous fascist, Adolf Hitler (Nazis), which he have to his followers.

    Lets not sprad lies. Hitler says it all.
  • Yes. And that is why your fascist hero Trump praised neo-Nazi demonstrators as "good people."
  • Factsmatter's graph is false because Benito Mussolini was a fascist and he was Hitler's ally. Democrats like big government and to over-regulate our capitalist economy. That is a trait of fascism.
  • Duh... Hitler and Mussolini were BOTH fascists. Learn your 5th grade history of WWII.
  • ..which goes to show that socialism and fascism are on the same end of the spectrum. The Left end.
  • Wrong again, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Nice try at re-writing history and political science, though

    Fascism is at the extreme right wing.

    Communism is at the extreme left wing.

    A democratic hybrid of capitalism and socialism is what is practiced in the U.S.

    This diagram might help you:
  • Your second graph is even more distorted and contradicts your first graph. It's fake news. Socialism is socialism and fascism is fascism. Mussolini was a fascist and Hitler was a socialist. They are both closely related on the left. The extreme conservative would be like a monarchy or a theocracy- not facism and socialism. Those are leftist ideals. For example, eugenics and racial segregation are extreme leftist policies, e.g. Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood and "One Drop Rule" are aligned with the Holocaust.
  • @FactsMatter saidv: Yes. And that is why your fascist hero Trump praised neo-Nazi demonstrators as "good people.""

    Here is article from Left Wing factchecker Snopes:Trump’s Denouncement Disappoints, Angers White Nationalists
    President Donald Trump's condemnation of hate groups angered white supremacists and neo-Nazis who supported and felt emboldened by his campaign.

    Even CNN debunked this wild outlandish left wing narrative. But as we know left wing socialists like FactsMatters live in a alternative reality. But its up to us in Here to debunk them and educate them and call out their false comments as i am doing.

    @FactsMatter said: "Duh... Hitler and Mussolini were BOTH fascists. Learn your 5th grade history of WWII."


    Fascism and socialism are part of the left wing political spectrum. Both are offshoots of communism. Communism is the root of fascism and socialism.
  • Lets look at the similarities of Socialism & Communism and Fascism...All these similarities are found today in the policies of the Democrat party who now call themselves Democratic Socialists.

    1. Ruled by Dictatorship
    2. Controlled the media
    3. One party system
    4. Nationalized Healthcare
    5. No individual rights
    6. Euthanasia/Planned Parenthood
    7. No Religion/Hate religion
    8. Total government control
    9. Suppressed freedom of Speech
    10. Suspended Citizens right to bear arms

    The media in the US like in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia is controlled by the Democrat party. The Democrats want to pass nationalized healthcare therefore giving the government more control same thing the communist in Russia and Fascist in Germany did. Euthanasia is called mercy killing of those mentally disabled and babies of unwanted colored folks. In America this is called Planned Parenthood.

    For example on June/02/19, Democrat State Representative John Rogers said this in regards to abortions or mercy killing now called Planned Parenthood: ‘SOME KIDS ARE UNWANTED, SO YOU KILL THEM NOW OR YOU KILL THEM LATER

    Back to the topic...The Nazis and the communist hated freedom of speech. Either in school campuses or in public or in a political debate. If you have a different opinion than a Democrat now days you are doxxed you are vilified you are attacked both verbally in physically in America now days. Conservatives are being shutdown both physically and verbally in America by Democrats either in schools in the web or in political debates. This is scary. This is how the Nazis and Communists took over and shut down their opponents. Individual rights was not allowed in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia. The welfare of the group comes before that of the individual. The same thing the Democrats are trying hard to enact. Most importantly the right of the citizens to own firearms and bear arms was now allowed in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. Democrats have said it that if ever they get control of the Whitehouse they will abolish the 2nd amendment through a Presidential Executive order. They have been trying to repeal the 2nd for 3 decades now.

    Democrats and Socialist slash communist like @FactsMatter always try to label Fascism as conservative or Trump as a fascist. But when you look at it its Democrats who are fighting hard to enact the same thing the Nazis/Fascist/Communist/Socialist enacted when they were in power in Italy-Germany-Russia.

    Trump on the other hand is fighting to stop these things. He has reverted power to the states and weakened the federal government. He is a strong supporter of the right of the citizens to own and bear arms. He is a staunch supporter of a free market system that the Nazis and Communists hated, he is fighting the Democrats to stop them from giving more power to the federal government in their quest to enact nationalized healthcare. He is trying to defund the holocaust machine called Planned Parenthood that has killed over 6 million babies majority of the 6 million killed are colored babies. And most importantly he is hated by the media that is controlled by the Democrat party.
  • How 57,000 Socialists and Communists Are Planning to Take Over the Democratic Party
    September 9, 2018 15:19, Last Updated: September 20, 2018 15:29

  • Garbage in, garbage out.
  • Lol....There you have it. The white flag of surrendering to the inevitable facts of reality.

    @FactsMatter besides throwing out unsubstantiated myths, can you elaborate on how Trump is a fascist? Give us facts of examples and policies he signed to law that are fascist in nature. Go on i dare you. Name one policy that he enacted that are sooooo fascist.

    The floor is yours.
  • This should be good. I can't hardly wait for her make up cow poop answer.
  • This California democrat is running for president in 2020. What are his chances?

  • He has zero chances. In the ticket for the Democrat nomination for the 2020 presidential election is either Socialist Bernie Sanders Creepy Joe Biden. Forget all them women from the Democrat party that announced their campaign for 2020. Its all a gimmick. In the end its 2 males, white males who are running for the Democrats.

    Boys give FactsMatters a chance to answer my questions. Lets see where she or he goes with it.
  • Glad you asked, "boys." Here is for starters:
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    So instead of a answer you bring a meme. Wow...predictable...instead of answer you bring a meme. Lol

    Now lets debunk them like we always do with facts.

    1.Use racism to rise to power.

    Answer: This is Trumps secretary of Housing and Urban Development....a African American.

    Trumps senior policy advisor, Stephen Miller a Jew.

    Trumps son in law, Jared Kushner, another Jew.

    2. Proposed mass deportation.

    Answer: Mass deportation of what? Illegal. Congress has passed laws that stated that illegals can be deported if the enter the US unlawfully and if found to be guilty of it can be deported. Is Congress fascist like Hitler? Does that make Trump a fascist for enforcing the laws passed by Congress? Isn't it the Presidents job to enforce those laws passed by Congress.

    8 U.S. Code § 1325 - Improper entry by alien

    3. Promised to Make Germany great again.

    Answer: Hitler promised to put Germany in control of the world. Trump is the opposite he wants the US the stay out of other countries affair. Trump is a anti globalist. Trump wants to Make America great by focusing US money and police on America whereas Hitler wanted to control the world to make Germany great....Two opposite things. And Reagan also Used make America great again in his 8 years in the Whitehouse.

    4.Anit Jew fascist/Anti Muslim Fascist

    Answer: All of Trumps key people in his administration are Jews. But somehow he is anti is against Muslim terrorists, the same Muslim terrorists who attacked the US in 9/11 and who have said they don't differentiate between military and civilians and that all Americans are targets. The travel ban only effect muslim majority6 countries out of 80 something Muslim countries in the world. If he was anti Muslim why did he stop at 6 countries instead of naming all 80 in his travel

    5. Blame migrants for Americas problems.

    Answer: He blames past Presidents and migration laws for the migration problems America is having right now. He blame former leaders in the Whitehouse and Congress for allowing other countries to take advantage of the US. He blame obama for the rise of ISIS and blames Bush for the unnecessary war in Iraq. Blame Congress and past Presidents for allowing countries to set tarrifs on US goods while none on other countries good entering the US. Mostly he blame the creatures of the swamp in D.C for spending trillions upon trillions upon trillions of US money on other countries while the US infrastructure and veteran communities are homeless....Stop cherry picking there

    6. Thought jews/Muslims should wear special I.Ds

    Answer: Name a law that Trump has propsoed that require Muslims to wear special I.Ds there @FactsMatter...go on...go on...If Trump hate Muslims why do the liberal media and you a couple of days ago were ranting about him giving military aid to Saudi Arabia which is a Muslim country?

    Thanks for playing you been outed for the lying garbage that you are. Thanks for the laugh and thanks for allowing me to debunk and expose you yet....again...

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    On a real note though, give me a challenge @FactsMatter. Instead of factless meme give us something concrete. Polices he passed and laws he propose that are fascist in nature. Here is your last chance to prove what you are saying. Instead of just repeating the same talking point Maxine waters is also saying. Show us proves and laws and policies that he has signed and proposed that are fascist.

    Two can play that memes game...

    So us prove and laws and policies enacted by Trump that are memes please because my memes are closer to the truth than yours.

    Prove to me that liberals are smart like they say.

    The ball is in your court.
  • You want a comment on your meme? I thought you didn't like memes? lol
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