Kaboom! Obama Officials Comey, Brennan & Clapper are the Targets Of Federal Investigation

Hahaha, All 3 men who Obama appointed To the head the FBI-Comey, CIA-Brennan and DNI-Clapper, are the 3 main target's of the 3rd Department of Justice investigation into the Obama's administration misuse of authority by using the CIA and FBI and DNI to spy and investigate a a political opponent and which kicked off and started the Russian investigation that was proven to be false.


Democrats were in power through Obama, and Democrats weaponized and politicized the FBI and CIA and DNI and DOJ to go after the candidate of the opposing party. This is why this matters. This is how the Democrats and Obama got the Russian investigations started and how they were able to spy on Trump.

And the Ships are fleeing the sinking ship. Brennan and Clapper both admit that they recommended to Comey not to USE the Steele Dossier. It looks like Brennan and Clapper will team up against their former buddy Comey.



  • Who will go to jail? Comey Brennan Or Clapper? Which of these former obama officials will turn rat? Who will go to jail for allowing unauthorized spying and political spying on a opponent from the opposition party?

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