MAGA! Canada Just Bowed Down To Trumps Demands !MAGA!

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Today Canada has agreed to President Trumps demands of "equal" treatment of trade between US and Canada. They said this could never be achieved but low and behold today it has been achieved and another campaign promise made has been delivered to the American people by President Donald Trump.
In a joint statement Friday, the Canadian and American governments said the U.S. will scrap the metals duties within two days. Canada will remove tariffs levied on American goods in retaliation for the steel and aluminum duties. The countries will also:
Drop all pending litigation in the World Trade Organization related to the tariffs

Set up measures to "prevent the importation of aluminum or steel that is unfairly subsidized and/or sold at dumped prices" and "prevent the transshipment of aluminum and steel made outside of Canada or the United States to the other country"

Make an "agreed-upon process for monitoring aluminum and steel trade between them"

The E.U bowed, Canada just did and Mexico will follow soon. China is palying hardball but its Yuen just took a fall yesterday while the dollar grew.

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  • Wait a minute i was told by CNN and many left wing news that Trump will lose this dispute and that Canada won't budge and agree to Trumps demands. But now it looks like the opposite just like the Mueller report. Just like the economy and everything the liberal media said have all been proven to false.

    I'm definitely voting for that orange bastard again.
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